Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kanaan in the running for Las Vegas Finale bonus?

Previously I scribbled ‘bout how the 2011 INDYCAR! Season was getting’ Curious ‘N Curiouser... As I not only awoke to a tranquil blanket “O white stuff, a.k.a. SNOW here in the Pacific Northwest... Hey; Seattle ONLY sleeps, Err STOPS! When it snows here! But I digress...

Purusing that fine Indianapolis Fish Wrap known as the IndyStar, mainly duh Sports section... I came upon Kurty Cavin’s breaking news bout TK “Follow-your-Schnoz” (Kanaan) apparently having been unable to seal the dealio to drive for his friend Gil De Ferran’s De Ferran Dragon Racing Team; SHEISA!

Kanaan's ride hits the wall

Thus, I believe this makes Messer Kanaan currently eligible for the vaunted $5.0 million bonus prize for anybody outside of the IndyCar series potentially capable of claiming this ‘Mega cheque for winning the Los Wages Season Finale event, right?

Which also, apparently ANYBODY with a Heartbeat - and I mean ANYBODY; You, your Better Half, your Kids; HELL! Even Fluffy or Lassie (provided they’ve bought any Indy Car Series ticket this season) will be “Eligible” for a FREE ticket to the B-I-G Fall Finale Humdinger Open Wheel event in Sin City... All Yuhs haveda do is get there ‘N find some place to stay...

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