Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kubica Seriously injured in Rallying Accident


Sorry ‘bout that Folks... Normally I’d be gorging out upon thee Mother ‘O Footenballen games today; BUTT! I’m Boycotting the superbowl due to the NFL & Jerry Jone’s unscrupulous natures...

Thus I was absolutely SHOCKED upon purusing the Blogosphere to discover that The Krakow Kid, nee Robert Kubica has been seriously injured in an accident during his participation in the Ronde di Andora Rally in Italy. SHEISA-SHEISA-SHEISA!!!

As for Mwah, Kubica’s ‘Juan ‘O the good Guys in the sport of Formula One – thus it shocked me upon reading the story about his severe right hand injury – making me immediately Flashback to another colourful Gran Primo Piloto named Alessandro Nannini... Who you may recall his F1 career was cut short by an unexpected Helicopter incident – although I’m NOT claiming Kubica’s outcome will be similar; it’s just what I thought of very first...

Surgeons still working on Kubica’s hand

Kubica suffered multiple fractures to his right leg, arm & hand upon colliding with a Church wall/steel Guardrail on the Rally’s route and was reportedly trapped in his Skoda Rally Car for an hour before being airlifted to hospital. He’s since undergone surgery to repair his severely crushed hand and will reputedly miss up to six months (or more? Since there’s currently NO Timetable for his recovery...) whilst rehabilitating.

Thus I guess it’s a good thing that Lotus-Renault GP just announced Bruno Senna as its team’s First Reserve driver, as I’d assume he’ll now be racing at Bahrain for the very least, eh? Although LRGP has ex-Pirelli tyre tester & GP2 combatant Romain Grosjean on its reserve roles whilst scuttlebutt has also thrown Nico Hulkenberg & Vitantonio Liuzzi into the mix... And while the Iceman, nee Kimi Raikkonen has previously been in conversation with the team prior to Vitaly Petrov’s contract extension. I’d assume The Kimster will remain in the WRC for 2011...