Thursday, February 24, 2011

F1 Constructor: Team Lotus

(Lotus T-128; Source:

Launch Date/Venue: January 31 - Internets
Name: Team Lotus
Base: Hingham, Norfolk; United Kingdom
Former Team Name: Lotus Racing
Constructors Titles: 0
Drivers Titles: 0
2010 Standings: 10th; 0-points
2010 Chassi: T-127

Team Principal: Tony Fernandes
CEO: Riad Asmat
Chief Technology Officer: Mike Gascoyne
Seasons: 2 (2010 - Debut Season)
Debut Race: 2010 Bahrain GP
Races: 19
Wins: 0
Poles: 0

Model: T-128
Engine: Renault RS27
Gearbox: Red Bull Technology

TECH: Blade Roll Structures – Legality (Lotus & Force India)

No. 20) Jarno Trulli; Italy
No. 21) Heikki Kovalainen; Finland
Third Driver) Karun Chandhok*
Reserve Drivers) Davide Valsecchi, Luiz Razia
*NOTE: * = Still awaiting Confirmation)

Unfortunately, it seems like there’s more press over the ridiculously STUPID name squabble continuing on between Tony Fernandes’s Team Lotus 2.0 vs. Group Lotuses Dany Bahar ‘N his Lotus-Renault-GenII X-P caladrocious racing team...

More Lotus BULLSH*T

Thus, the 2011 season will begin with four racing cars using the name Lotus; two black & gold “JPS-retro” throwback chassis sporting the word Lotus on the rear wing. While Team Lotus perceivably will continue its green & yellow retro paint scheme with the word Air Asia on its rear wing; Oh Never Mind!

Fernandes & Co. have hopefully upped-the-ante (Ontrack) this season by dumping their Cosworth CA 2010 lump along with its unreliable XTrac Gearbox in favour of le Reggie, a.k.a. Renault. As Mike Gascoyne’s merry ‘lil crew ‘O Technicians feverishly puts the finishing touches upon this year’s T-128 powered by the Renault RS27, although reputedly the Hingham-based team won’t be running KERS and thus has reverted to a 2009-spec Red Bull Technology Gearbox, as RBT is supplying the rear end of the T-128 chassis...

Hmm? It’ll be interesting to see if this design philosophy results in a BRAWN GP/Red Bull Racing outcome – or an Ahem – Virgin/Hispania performance deficit, eh?

Meanwhile, the team’s race drivers remain unchanged for the squad’s Sophomore outing, although the mix ‘N match, Err plug ‘N play antics between the two warring LOTI-factions continues on with the swapping of reserve drivers – which seem like nothing more then glorified simulator operators these days... As Group Lotus, Err, Lotus-Renault GP shagged Fairuz Fauzy from Team Lotus – who were probably not too bothered by his leaving, eh? While I’m assuming that Karun “Cowboy” Chandhok’s new Team Lotus leather bomber jacket; which he was caught modeling at Valencia fits him like a glove...

Meanwhile the legal wrangling heads to court shortly, and won’t it be nice when this is all over? Alas – as long as Tony Fernandes is successful! But I digress...

Lotus-Lotus On the Wall

Thus, the teams primary reserve driver will most likely be the dispatched Indian, nee Karun Chandhok, whilst Davide Valsecchi & Luiz Razia will also be on the books, albeit primarily involved as the team Air Asia GP2 race drivers...

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