Friday, February 18, 2011

GP2 Asia event Cancellled as tensions remain High in Bahrain

Woke up to the news Thursday morning that the second race weekend of the 2011 GP2 Asia Championship had been cancelled due to the continuing unrest in Bahrain, where the ruling party has acted Heavy handed by mobilizing the military enmasse along with continued police brutality – ultimately causing multiple injuries and fatalities occurring to the peaceful protestor’s.

Reports claim that at least four people had been killed – not to mention the hundreds of injuries after authorities invaded a make shift civilian camp at 2:45AM. As the Newswire claimed that the first two deaths were both young males (early 20’s) who had been shot in the back...

No word yet upon whether/not the slated final round of Formula 1 testing will occur, (March 3-6) or if the Season Opening F1 race (March 13) will commence as scheduled? Yet, if there’s one thing I know ‘bout Uncle Bernaughty, (Ecclestone) the show WILL GO ON! (At ALL costs...) Can you say Yeongam? (S. Korea)

A view from inside Bahrain
NOTEI suppose its worth mentioning that two-thirds of this year’s GP2 Asia Series season was slated to take place at Bahrain – with rounds 3-4 slated for Feb 17-19 and rounds 5-6 scheduled for March 11-13. Hmm? Perhaps they could shift the cancelled rounds to Melbourne, Australia as their season finale?

What happens to F1 if Bahrain is cancelled?