Monday, February 21, 2011

Meanwhile in Bahrain...

Although the current situation in Bahrain certainly isn’t any laughing matter – I haveda say I find it somewhat bemusing to hear Uncle Bernaughty steadily Backpeddlin’ over his initial comments towards the Gulf state.

Yet whilst some calm has returned to Bahrain, with protester’s now having been allowed back into Pearle Square, nevertheless they’re now calling for the fast approaching Grand Prix to be cancelled.

Bahrain's protesters demand royals cancels F1 race

Don’t know if Y’all caught either of “Willie Buxtum’s” (Will Buxton) telephone reports last night upon SpeedCentre & Wind Tunnel, but SPEED’s F1 Pitlane reporter sounded pretty sanguine ‘bout the chance of the race actually going ahead as scheduled – saying that it appears things aren’t getting overly rosy there; as I think he even mentioned some of the drivers are cancelling their plans to go to Bahrain... Hmm? Doesn’t ‘JENSE (Button) own a residence there? Perhaps he’ll wanna read Joe Saward’s story ‘bout Juan Manuel Fangio’s escapades at the Grand Prix of Havana, eh? (Albeit I’m NOT trying to imply anything will happen to anybody there...)

When politics and racing collide…

Meanwhile there are now plans for a demonstration/march slated for tomorrow;
Amid Standoff, Opposition Seeks Dissolution of Bahraini Government

C’mon Bernie! Do the RIGHT thing ‘N PULL the Plug!