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The Tomaso Files: Doggies, Dunes, Dungeness - All roads lead to the "Other" Florence...

The Mighty Grand Coulee Dam. (Image source:
But where's the Turkey; Dude! Oh, Yuhs don't mean the one who "fowled" up the Jersey Turnpike all those years ago? Like I think that Byrd's TOAST; Hya!

onwards  with another mushrooming story; did somebody say mushrooms - Hooah! Like what about the Stuffing, Yams, Cranberry, Mash Potatoes, light or Dark, Wee-Wee!

Continuing on with another Award Winning yarn from thy cellars 'O Nofendersville loosely crafted 'round Thanksgiving; Hey! Don't forget the Vino, albeit NO idea if another of my long ago stories is still up-to-date Vintner-wise, which Y'all can check out from another  Nofendersville vintage, circa '08;

Alas, as many of Y'all may be traveling over this Turkey-Lurkey weekend, what better time than to roll out the remaining  portion 'O my long simmerin' recap. Roll out the Barrel; Err, somebody toss me a Biscuit! As I haven't even dipped into the Shiraz yet!

As this recap of our recent trek to Oregon's Sand Dunes isn't racing related per sei, like Dude! think you've still got some sand stuck You Know Where; Hooah!

nevertheless, I'm including I-T as the Deluxe Travel Notes edition loosely recapping where we hung out during our glorious two-weeks plus Holiday along the Pacific coast. Thus, if Y'all are  looking for some "Hard Hittin'" racing action; Hya! Then please come back to No Fenders shortly!

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Florence Travel Notes
After having been picked-up by Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen the day prior, we finally departed from our Tacoma "lair" sometime around noon, (Thurs, 9/4) making another stop, in the multiple errands run upon our way southwards, with our final stop being at Cabella's in Olympia, where I was (correctly) coerced  into purchasing a Mondo' "King-size" cot, which soon became a favourite with thy FURR-rocious lap Hoonds' Mad Molly and thy Pixolator, albeit I felt sorry for them; especially Mad Molly, since they couldn't quite clear the edge of the cot when trying to clear I-T like a hurdler clearing the High Bar; KERR-LUNK; YEE-IKES!

Having spent the first night at our "top Secret" "V2" Campsite upon the Columbia River, on the Warshington' side of the Mighty Columbia! I mused how our campsite's number V2 should be easy to remember, since after all  the Germans used a devastating rocket of the very same designation to reign down terror upon the citizens of London during World War II!

As why can I still remember  the man in charge of this weapon's development name being Wernher Von Braun some 70yrs plus after its invention? Perhaps because of his later involvement as the father of the Saturn 5 rocket; but I digress...

The renown Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen and her two almighty Assistants Molly & Pixie upon the mighty Florence (Oregon) Sand Dunes. (The Tomaso Collection)
Sitting in the miniscule boarding line Friday afternoon for our non-descript 9-car "Ferryboat," which had zero Superstructure, (upper decks) which I'm use to upon our  typical Ferries plying the Puget Sound waters; whilst Mary Ellen was busy making me one of my countless meals, I was startled by what initially sounded like a Billy-goat; BAHHHHHHHH?

Nope, that's  a Cow Mary Ellen replied... (Nothin' WRONG with my "Super Hearing," Eh; HUH?) As the vehicle directly in front of us was towing a trailer with said animal in I-T! Holy Lunch Milk Batman; Hooah!

As this is the first time I'd ever seen a Cow being transported on a Washington State Ferry, although apparently this one wasn't escaping like my favourite Bovine!

Yet like I said, this AIn'T NO typical Ferryboat, since its only apparent super-structure was the pilot's wheelhouse, and continuing on with this downright low-key affair, the relative calm was broken by a loud "Wolf-whistle," proclaiming us to get a move-on! C'mon Yuhs 'lil "Doggies," it's time to board for the once-an-hour 15min sailing across the  Mighty Columbia (River) as that'll be five-dollars please.

'Whale, actually, I've now discovered that this ferry's run by Wahkiakum County - named in honour of Chief Wahkiakum, with the  County being established  in 1854, as I've got NO idea if the chief and his Chinook Indians had the pleasure of meeting Lewis and Clark 'Wayback in 1805? Uhm, wasn't it Chris Columbus bringing the Turkey? Or was it Peter Puget instead in 1792? Inquiring Minds wanna Know; Hooah!

According to WICKEDpedia', (Wikipedia) Wahkiakum County is the second least populated county in Washington State, with just barely over 4,000 occupants. (2013 estimate) And Cathlamet is its largest town, some 530-plus residents strong; where Mary Ellen rejoiced over its Grocery Store in the middle of NOWHERE having everythingy under the Sun!

As the Julia Butler Hanson Bridge built in 1938 connects Cathlamet to Puget Island on the Southern Washington side; which I'd never heard of, seen or visited before this leisurely trip down the coast to Florence, Oregon via the less traveled back-roads...

Previously, I learned about the late American icon Woody Guthrie's song whilst watching some program on thy Telie' a longtime ago, as perhaps it was some Modern Marvels  TV Show? Extolling the mammoth task of building the Grand Coulee Dam, which saw water first cascade over its Gynormous 550-foot tall structure in June, 1942 - ultimately being harnessed to generate power for the then ultra Top Secret Manhattan Project...

Mr. Guthrie was commissioned in 1941 to write a "Propaganda" theme song for the Bonneville Power Administration, (BPA) the regional power administration seeking to popularize support for Federal control of the regions eleven dams  sprouting up upon the mighty Columbia,  most notably the Bonneville and Grand Coulee dams. As I tend to believe he earned the tidy sum of $200 for his 26-song ballad.

While another American icon, simply known as JFK, nee John F. Kennedy stopped at the nearby Hanford Nuclear Reservation on September 26, 1963 as part of his five state visit to inaugurate the construction of N Reactor, another nuclear generator utilized for the ever growing Arms race with the Soviet Union's groundbreaking.

Ironically, in what was probably his last public appearance in Washington, while championing nuclear power, with N Reactor building more Plutonium bombs, Kennedy's trip was to promote conservation...

Actually, there's lots of history regarding JFK's visits to the Pacific Northwest, including his "Presidential Cold" when he bailed out on attending the 1962 World's Fair closing at Seattle Center, telephoning in instead, whilst intertwined in something called the Cuban Missile Crisis...

For our second night's stay, we ended up at a most unusual campground, after having been unable to find  any State Park campgrounds to our satisfaction, albeit, we did meet a very nice  Park Host  lady at Manhattan Beach (Oregon) who'd offered us some suggestions. As she  and her husband lived in a Mondo' RV which they rented out during winter before returning to Quartzsite, a place I've never heard of somewheres in the Arizona Desert, which she claims swells to a 'Mega population of one million during winter; CRIKEYS! And is supplied by a host of various water trucks...

thus we ended up in Bay City; NO! Not the home of the Bay City Rollers; Hooah! C'mon Lads, those Mates were from Scotland when it was governed by Britain; OOPS, Oh Never Mind! Thus, instead, we'd decided to Bed Down for the evening in Bay City,  Oregon, at its City Park where one can camp for the ridiculously low price of $12 per night; SOLD!

For seconds; Err thy second portion of this Deluxe Travel story, see; The Tomaso Files: Doggies, Dunes, Dungeness 'N the "Other"Florence - Where a Good Time was had by All...