Friday, March 27, 2015

And then the Rains came...

Pretty funny hearing A-L-L the IndyCar Boyz' commiserate over how incrediblyL-O-N-G the Off-season was, only for the day's second B-I-G' CARZ practice session, along with the prior Indy Lights practice both being RAINED OUT!

As I understand the reasoning of IndyCar teams not wishing to sacrifice any of their precious new Aerokit parts, but really? Seven FREAKIN' months Off-season yet there's a LACK of spare parts; WTF!

But at least I was able to listen to I-T all on the IMS Radio Network, with "the Voice," Paul Page, Mark 'Graveley James, Jake "The Riddler" Query, Nick 'Salt Yeoman and  Dave First talking wedding's and marital bliss with Graham Rahal and Charlie Kimball; Hooah!

As thankfully we'll get back to racing in St Pete tomorrow, with everyone in their Firesuits, instead of 'TK Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan glowering at Dave First in street clothes; with the entirety of Pitlane Paparazzi, including "Charlie Murphy" (Kimball) saying how the weather procostinators and radars show Dry skies the rest of the weekend...

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