Saturday, March 21, 2015

IMSA: What's a Race Fan supposed to Do?

If you're one of the lucky ones? Then you're on the grounds in Sebring right now watching some wonderful Sports Car racing, as presumably they've cleaned up the No. 60 Mike Shank Racing wreck, bringing out the day's second full-course  caution - by the time I post this.

Unfortunately, my STUPENDOUS comca$t cable TV provider doesn't offer Fox Sports 2 in my Zip-code as far as I know and hence, I was only able to watch 'N listen to the first two hours television broadcast...

As NO offense to "Double-A," nee Adam Alexander, but I DON'T wanna listen to another 78hrs of FREAKIN' RASSCAR Roundy Round, which obviously is FS1's bread 'N butter; URGH! As can't say how much I miss Bob Varsha's tranquil, yet knowledgeable, steady voice coming thru 'Ye Telescreen!

Thus, for Y'all Jones in' for some more Sports Car action, a la FS1's lead announcer Bob Varsha telling us to CRANK I-T UP! Then Y'all might wanna take a look at the No. 90 Corvette DP In-car camera footage at Night!

Or better yet, since Sebring's been hosting Sports Car endurance races ten years longer than that famed racing' oval in Daytona, Y'all might wanna check out this excellent story, presumably with links to the two records mentioned in it, recapping the 1956 & 1957 12-hour races. With the likes of legendary drivers 'Ol Shel, aka Carroll Shelby, Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio and Phil Hill to name just a few...