Monday, January 12, 2015

No Fenders "Roar Before" Hawaii, Baby!

Geez, so much for time off here at No Fenders, eh? Although I think I actually went a whole week without posting; Huh? Yet fortuitously, Santa's once again been very good to Mwah! A la another fantastic 3-weeks sojourn to the B-I-G' ISLAND,  aka Kona, Hawaii, which I'm wingin' meeze ways towards right now!

Thus, as typical, I've been poonding 'N poonding mize knucels' Bloody here in Nofendersville in order to escape to the blissful tranquility "O island life, where once again I'll be serenaded by the magnificent Pacific Ocean, red crested Parrots, Myna birds and Doves, along with the "Disappearing Sands," nee White Sands beach's sand hopefully being IN!  So your humble  No Fenders scribe can frolic with the crowd buzzing Green Sea Turtles! Of which I've previously scribbled 'bout in;

Along with learning about some more vintage cars and the travails 'O island living in;

Not to mention discovering who Ryan Briscoe's title sponsor was via another of my many Audiobooks, when driving for Cheep' (Ganassi) last year, as sadly,  I don't think the affable 'Aussie will be on the IndyCar grid this year?

Meanwhile, for those of Y'all looking for some Hard Hittin' racing  action, take note that  this past weekend saw multiple engines roaring to life at Daytona International Speedway, as its almost time once again for the annual Rolex 24, as IMSA, the Tudor United Sportscar championship sanctioning body announced this year's schedule 'Wayback in August last year. Y'all remember when IndyCar was still racing, right?

As Y'all can check out this year's Rolex 24 taking  place on January 24-25, supposedly airing on FS1, nee Fox Sports-1; but as ALWAYS! Check your local listings...

Alas, thru the magic of 'Confuzers, Abra Cadabra; Tuh-Duh! As typical, I'll leave Y'all with a plethora 'O "Canned" stories,  kinda like when your Mum pulls out the canned fruit, right? Did somebody say Fruitcake; Hya!

Uhm, AnyHoo, I'll leave Y'all with many stories bottled during  2014, that simply haven't made I-T onto thy shelves; Err thy No Fenders 'BLOB; Hooah!