Saturday, January 3, 2015

Its Schuey Day at No Fenders...

Any racing devotee of whom I've taken to calling 'DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher surely knows what day today is for the seven times F1 world champion, right?

Alas, as I was gonna scribble another ridiculously long yarn about my past affinity for Herr Schumacher, I've simply ran outta gusto, since after all we're supposedly still reveling in the final days of Holiday...

As its strange to think  one  year ago exactly, I was bringing Michael home, after another outing down south to 'Awntie Harriet's, who many, many years ago was a close Schumacher ally 'O mine, although that Harriet's long gone; sadly having departed this world exactly one month ago at the momentous age of 95... Whilst obviously thee old Michael is never coming back either!

Although I suppose, like my parents would say: "NO News is good News," eh? As nary a peep upon Schuey's condition, as perhaps he'll soon fade from all of our collective radar screens? Especially now that a new German seeks to write his own chapter of history at la Scuderia...

For a rambling look back upon Schuey's first world championship, see; Schuey's legend is born

1) A much happier Schuey from his "Glory Days" at la Scuderia; foreshadowing more triumphs to come, circa 2000 Australian GP: culled from a long ago issue  of  the now defunct Ontrack magazine.

2) Michael Schumacher helmet visor strip acquired from Speedgear - a Zillion Years ago!

(Both items courtesy of The Tomaso Collection)