Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Alonso Sweepstakes are over, Finally...

No Fenders "B-Team" Tomaso & Claudio poses with two thirds of the eventual 2015 McLaren F1 Driver line-up at Austin Fan Fest, 2014. (The Tomaso Collection)
Ho-hum, thought if thy 'Ronster, aka Ron Dennis can Dither 'N Slither 'round upon making 'JENSE and MAGS JR' wait 'N wait to find out who'd be "Fredrico Suave's" (Fred Alonso) team-mate at McLaren,  then so could I lolly-gag upon posting this; Hya!

Personally I wanted Button to stay on, although it'd be at the expense of Kevin "Bacon" Magnussen, who'll stay on as McLaren's "Simulator Jockey," i.e.; Test & Reserve Driver, although as one F1 Hack' pointed out, the 'Dane will be pressed by rising McLaren talent and GP2 runner-up Stoffel Vandoorne...

Interestingly, Button's new contract is for a further two years, which makes me wonder how long MAGS JR' will stick around in hopes of returning to racing in Formula 1?

As 2yrs is an eternity in F1, although I can wildly speculate, eh? As it would seem logical that Hondre' (Honda) would wish to spread out its costs by supplying a second F1 team, which I think Haas Formula would be the ideal candidate. As it would be good for the sport, Americre' and Honda could solidify its Open Wheel Racing stature Stateside... Just Sayin' - with Uhm? One of the race seats going to the aforementioned Magnussen?

And cannot say how funny I found I-T that Fernando's 'Mega 5'O-Clock shadow; Err beard jumped out at Mwah whilst watching the video... As I thought that Ron Dennis was a clean shaven type 'O guy and frowned upon facial hair...

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