Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2014: The Year IndyCar Blogging Died?

With the announcement of the Dom 'O IndyCar Bloggers, nee Pressdog shuttering his epic blog site at the end of 2014, I immediately pondered if this signals something larger in the Blogosphere, and more importantly, am I continuing to tread water in an ever filling bathtub? As in is blogging about motorsports coming to an end?

Pressdog was the third significant IndyCar "Word Butcher," a term loosely affixed to many of us 'Wayback in the UOWWBA Dazes, when many of us participated in the brief realm of this virtual 'Vurd Botcherers society to pull the proverbial "Pin" upon blogging last year.

As I'm thinking that the UOWWBA, for which your humble No Fenders  scribe Tomaso was a "Card Carrying" Member of; Hya! Was in turn somewhat spawned off of a pompous Open Wheel Racing Journalist named Jeff Olsen, who one of the then leading lights 'O IndyCar blogging, My Name is IRL's Geoffrey Innuchi first called out Mr. Olsen upon this subject, for which I jumped on the virtual Bandwagon with my rant in;

For which the aforementioned Jeff Innuchi so much more eloquently spoke about in his long ceased and greatly missed My Name is IRL blog in;

As another authoritative blog site, More Front Wing shut down earlier in the 2014 season, while IndyCar Advocate led the charge in ceasing operation by announcing its closure in April, 2014.

As many blogs have come 'N gone over the last 8+ years I've been doing my thingy at No Fenders, as I can recall the following GURR-REAT 'lil Blog sites going the way of the front engine Roadster, right Mr. Olsen; Hooah! 

Past IndyCar Blogs
My Name is IRL, Planet IRL, United Open Wheel Word Butchers Association, Is it May Yet?, Full Throttle, Popoff Valve, JP's IndyCar blog, The Other side, One Lap Down, More Front Wing, and IndyCar Advocate.

 As the aforementioned  come to mind, while the F1 side of the ladder hasn't been silent either, with a variety of Blog sites going DARK, most notably Linksheaven, a former  F1 site I guest blogged for...

While The IndyCar Blogs denotes the following 20 "Active" bloggers, having simply copied down the list in order written, for which Y'all can check out the website at;

Current IndyCar Blogs (11)
15 Days in May, Disciple of IndyCar Weblog, First Super Speedway, For The Love Of Indy, IndyCar Minnesota, IndyCar Mom, (Multiple Writers) IndyCar UK, (Multiple Writers) New Track Record, Oil Pressure, Open Wheel America and Open Wheel World (Multiple Writers - Multiple Languages)

"New Guys" (9)
321 IndyCar, (Kids) Center of Pressure, Immortal IndyCar, IndyCar Stats, Motorsports by Mitch, (Heavy IndyCar with F1 Sprinkled in; Hmm? Sounds familiar, eh?) Next Gen Indy, Open Wheel Now, The Open Wheel and The Set Up Sheet.   

Semi Active Bloggers
Amongst the somewhat lengthy list of Semi Active Bloggers, I'm just naming the three that have graced the A-L-L Knowing "Intrawoods" since No Fenders came Online 'Wayback in the fall of '06; CRIKEYS! Those being: 16th & Georgetown, So Here's What I'm thinking and The race gIRL

While I'd suggest that 15 Days in May should be relegated to the Semi Active blogs section, although I'd enjoy more posts by Mike and especially that fine 'Kuhnaidiun lass "Meesh" of S.H.W.I.T. from Up North Eh! As thy Dom 'O IndyCar Bloggers Pressdog  cheekily pointed out a zillion years ago; Hya!

General Motorsports Bloggers
(Independent general motorsport writers and teams who regularly post about IndyCar)

For reasons unknown, but Hey! It isn't my site... This is the category Ye No Fenders 'BLOB, as 'Awntie Harriet christened I-T many, many moons ago, section my blog's been relegated to; so why isn't Motorsports with Mitch here too, eh? But I digress...

I began my own career as a vaunted "Keyboard Warrior" from the lair of my Mum's basement, (Thanxs for your Sediments, Ralph sheheen; Hya!) like Uhm? isn't that where A-L-L of us 'Vurd Botcherers reside; Hooah! Over eight years ago now, and have enjoyed many wonderful opportunities solely due to the presence of No Fenders, including making new friends, meeting and interviewing media & racing personalities, gaining admittance into the IMS Media Center, having been on the radio and talk shows, and most recently helping me "wriggle" my way into the cozy confines of that ultra BITCHIN' McLaren MP4-12C at McLaren Scottsdale! which I scribbled 'bout in;

Alas, as I think I mentioned  in my 8th B-Day announcement, I'll continue on awhile longer, especially since my No. 1 Supporter, Mary Ellen, Tacoma Bureau Chief and 'Offfical Chauffer & Chef of No Fenders fame reminds Mwah from time-2-time, its "MY JOB!" As I'm afforded the luxury of doing this as my "Day Gig..."

Although it now seems like a formality - that the writing's on the wall, that my days are numbered, since there's literally NO IndyCar blog sites remaining; 'Whale, at least that I find the time to follow daily, with the exception of thee OLDEST IndyCar Blogger Geo Phillips Oil Pressure...

Yet how many of those first wave 'O Bloggers I rubbed shoulders with five-plus years ago at Mother Speedway are still in operation? (The Answer's 2! As Erik Decker's Laughing Stock definitely isn't a racing blog. Therefore 2/7 = 28.6% still alive...)


All of which makes me ponder who Kevin and Cavin will have as guests upon their next Blogger Night, if there's such a thingy? Especially since I haven't listened to them in nearly a year now, since Yahoo became a piece 'O SHIT and I let my email account  go "Tit's Up!" As Yahoo's gone the way of Ben Bolby's Delta Wing! Alas, Yahoo's email service has become totally user UN-friendly, overly graphically driven and NON Screen-reader compatible, so Bully for Yuhs Yahoo; BARF!

Hence, I haven't signed up for another nefarious Indy Fan "tracking" account since. Yeah, I know, I'll get Blogmeister Miguel to sign me up this year...

meanwhile, most ironically, as Pressdog reputedly begins his book writing career, the new rage over anybody being an "Author," is now occurring over the explosion of Self-publishing and the miniscule remunerations Amazon's offering its participating author's, which immediately makes me think of how thee gOOgle Munster decimated the blogging landscape by similar nefarious tactics!

Thus, I find the Blogosphere in the same situation as Indy Cars; we need MORE IndyCar Bloggers, while the sport  itself needs more teams, with both needing an infusion of "New Blood!"

Which doesn't mean that we should overlook the current rosters of either, and as The IndyCar Blogs website points out, please give everybody your consideration, me included...