Friday, February 20, 2015


Isn't it nice how the FIA conveniently Steamrolls over its past transgressions by fostering new ones? Case-in-point; BAD Pun intended! Was the recent fervor over the FIA's new F1 Superlicense policy, which at the very least seems pretty flawed. Y'all know, what'll affectionately be forever known as "The Max Verstappen rule."

And Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward has rightly pointed out the absurdity over the FIA's preferential points allowance, most incredulously towards the yet created F2 championship, which hopefully will last longer than its previous version did. (2010-12) While higher horsepower categories such as Formula Renault 3.5 for example are rewarded less points than this mythical F2 championship dolls out; go figure?

While lastly, longtime ex-McLaren F1 Test/Reserve "Simulator Jockey" Gary Paffett, the 2005 DTM champion correctly points out how DTM has been completely overlooked in the new Superlicense business, as another ex-DTM champion named Paul di Resta immediately sprang to mind when ponderin' German Touring Car champions to graduate to Formula 1. As Y'all recall di Resta's short lived stint at Force India, right?

As Paffett clearly denotes how both drivers would have been excluded from F1 if using the new Superlicense criteria, which is pretty sad, since clearly Formula 1 needs more (qualified) drivers, and teams at the moment! 

Paffett says new F1 superlicense procedure is flawed