Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beauty ‘N the Beast?

Don’t know if Y’all have heard the hubbub currently brewing over Jeff Olsen’s recent Speed TV article; Us vs. Them, where for reasons unknown he likened bloggers to a bunch ‘O Butcherer’s of the Journalism profession, as we simply pound away on the keyboards with our knuckles; NOT to be cornfuzed with Knuckel-drager’s, eh? (OOPS! Sorry ‘bout dat, “Juan ‘O” mezs knuckles musta gotten in ze’s way…)

Yet it surely must be somewhat of a big deal if three Top “Blogger’s” have written about it, as I first discovered the story at My Name is IRL and must say that I too feel a little bit taken back by the thoughts of somebody making such discouraging remarks…

Jeff Olsen:“Add the growing number of untrained and unprofessional word butchers to the clutter, and objectivity goes the way of the front-engine roadster. Apparently this occupation is now open to anyone who can type with his or her knuckles, no education or experience required. No need for a degree or employment, just crown yourself a bloggist, start typing and apply for that credential. “

For those of us out there who tirelessly pound away on the keyboard, attempting to bring our thoughts & opinions into the Limelight that we dearly enjoy kibitzing about, this is a direct slap in the face… Although Olsen isn’t alone in his sediments towards us devoted Blogger’s, as I recall Robin Miller previously harping on Wind Tunnel about how in the Good ‘Ol Dazes you actually contacted people, check your sources twice before having the printing plates set-up vs. today’s environment where it’s ALL instant news as soon as anybody sneezes thanks to le internets…

Do we want Olsen’s job? HELL NO! Unless it includes all the free buffet’s “Juan” can dine at along with unlimited Tenderloin sandwiches and Creme sodas in the IMS Media Center... (Right Danny?)

But seriously, what I find most inspiring about the variety of GOOD Motorsports Blog’s out there is that they keep me up to date in a timely fashion, often before the “Big” Box” websites break the story. They offer raw opinions, not the fluffy Politically Correct jargon all of the Big Dawgs are forced to use and they ultimately offer insights and stories on subjects NOT being provided by the mainstream media.

And for me, Blog’s have an added bonus, if done right, they’re not overly graphic intensive and thus are straightforward to peruse and readable via my specialized software… As Y’all will recall that I’ve jumped on the Press Dawg bandwagon and voted the WURST Motorsports website currently on duh Wurld Wide Webb thingy…

As two more websites have joined the list of NON-Performers… (ITV-F1, TSN-Canada) As in they’ve GOOBERED their websites and now my Screen Reader cannot function upon them, but I digress…

(And rest assured Mr. Olsen, you’ve got little to worry ‘bout from the No. 1 scribe at No Fenders, as I very infrequently visit your employer’s site anymore!)

Dare I say it? Do RASSCAR “Hacks” have similar opinions towards fellow Bloggers as I’m quite certain there’s perhaps one-four of ‘dem out there on the Blogosphere… I mean HELL! Could there be something as too many writers scribbling ‘bout Open Wheel Racing, as we’re supposed to just let bygones be bygones… Sure am glad that the War ‘O Northern Agression still desn’t linger on anymore, eh?

Now, somebody pass me a Cheeseburger while I go dig-up some Johnson ‘N Johnson “Smiley Faces” band aids to put on my knuckel’s, ‘cause I’ve got blisters on my fingers from all of these hackneyed scribblin’ Anyone care for a hunk ‘O meat? Or as Mr. Olsen would say; “Where’s the Beef?”

And although I’d already been pondering dropping my RACER Magazine subscription… Which I tend to never read anymore, this seems like the perfect excuse to NOT re-up for any further subscriptions to this table pile making substance.

And it’s NOT just Blogger’s or Yak’s he’s attacking, as I believe one of the brightest Formula 1 pundits also doesn’t have a Journalism Degree? Perhaps you’ve heard of him? He sometimes goes by the handle Professor Matchett, as I seem to recall from reading the first book in his F1 Mechanic’s trilogy, that he simply bought “Juan ‘O’ ‘dem” EVIL confuzers, self taught himself how to use the blasted contraption and viola… Wrote his very first book… Prior to his employment and subsequent writing duties at SPEED.

So what dooze yuhzs thinks ‘bout ‘dem apples Messer Olsen? Psst… You’d better go check out the comments on the other Jeff’s story!