Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Max appeal


As the pleasant morning tranquility(?) of yesterday was shattered while posting the bleepin’ IndyCarzs stories, as some tawdry story appeared in my mailbox courtesy of Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B…

It was a ‘lil expose ‘bout MAD MAXXUM’s alleged tryst over the past weekend… Of which I wasn’t even gonna comment on at first, but Mosley’s scandalous lust for playing prison intern with a bunch ‘O German Fraulein’s seems to be burning up all of the internets…

(For those of you really desperate? I’ll leave you to your own to search out the video clips currently smoldering on the British tabloids!)

For those of you unaware of Messer Maxxum’s indiscretions… You may want to read the following(?) FIA silent on Mosley sex allegations

HMM? What’s the fastest way to get rid of somebody in the public spotlight? Wonder if this will speed up Sir Maxxum’s impending retirement, especially since Jean Todt is looking for something new to do…

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