Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Villeneuve to join All Stars

After apparently falling out of favour with Bill Davis Racing, upon his unsuccessful attempt to qualify for this year’s Daytona 500, Jacques Villeneuve has decided to focus on new horizons.

Having realigned himself with former racing boss Barry Green while having a fairly open dance card, Villeneuve has decided to throw his name into the hat of drivers for the newly created All Star V-8 Cup.

Perhaps’ you’ve not heard about this racing series? As the V-8 Cup is an hoped for expansion of RASSCAR style racin’ making its way into Europe and will feature such drivers as ex-formula 1 pilots Oliver Panis and Patrick Tambay who’ve also been off the market for awhile.

The series will utilize tube frame saloons powered by hurkin’ big block Chebbie 5800cc V-8 motors, pushing’ silhouette bodied Fords, Chevy’s and Dodges around the high banks of Rockingham, etc. Perhaps this is where those old, out of fashion Rextell Cup bombers will end up?

Although villeneuve originally considered joining his ‘Ol racin’ buddies in the similar Speedcar series, which he’ll use as a warm-up when he contests two races later this year, Villeneuve has ultimately decided that the competition is too fierce and hence, upon hearing that RASSCAR was moving across the pond, decided to run a Dodge bodied Challenger to spite former employer Bill Davis. Wonder if he’ll be runnin’ the Robby “Dirtman” Gordoun sanctioned nosepiece…