Monday, April 21, 2008

Wezs luv’s yuh Dan-Dan-Danica

Whale shiver me timbers… The Princess finally won HER VERY FIRST Major race…

As I was pleased to hear Speed Freaks guest Lyn St James set Kenny Sergeant straight on the headline that continues to be popping up about Danica becoming the first woman to win a major auto race… As St James correctly pointed out that Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney, Katherine Legge and Melanie Troxel have all accomplished the feat PREVIOUSLY! As I’d like to point out that Muldowney has even WON multiple Championships.

And in keeping with the Oxygen TV channel theme, after the obligatory Hail Dan-Dan-Danica opening interview, Mrs. Troxel got her moment in the spotlight, as she was talking up a very impressive charity event she’s involved in, dealing with severely medical-challenged children who are sometimes abandoned by their parents who simply CANNOT afford the costs of today’s Healthcare…

And they even interviewed Switzerland’s Simona De Silvestro, as I betcha didn’t know that another female won a major race this weekend, eh? Yes, that’s right; De Silvestro became the second woman to win in Atlantics competition by winning this weekend’s season opening event at Long Beach. For the record Katherine Legge was the first and both Legge and De Silvestro have done something that Danica hasn’t…
Hmm? Strangely the G-Man and his highly tooted IMS marketing staff DON’T seem to wish to share the spotlight with the Mazda Atlantics Championship… Is Tony afraid of a little competition for his vaunted Flinstone Indy Lites?

Even funnier is that “Juan ‘O” Press Dawg’s favourite websites is still alive… As you can read all about De Silvestro’s victory at the half mile marker post of the Cooper Tires Presents The Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda website. Try saying that fast five times, eh? To read more see; De Silvestro wins Long Beach opener

Having waited 1.5hrs to hear Long Beach victor Will Power, who’s not a woman, is that ok with you Lyn, said the head cheese Kenny Sergeant... Power tried to answer a question and proceeded to get hammered by the Sarge for taking too long, SHEISA!!! To which Power said I’m your guest as Kenny was talking over him, although Crash Gladys told the Sarge to knock it off…

And then St James stuck her foot in her mouth... By asking; Have you driven an Indy Car yet? Which is almost as big of a foopah as Donald Kay of Autosport Radio asking Sarah Fisher last week what it was like sitting on the sidelines last year?

Then Power tried vainly to tiptoe around St James question of how the two chassis compare? To which ultimately Power conceded that the Panoz DP-01 is a HELL of a lot funner to drive, since it’s faster and has more downforce than a Dallara.

Trying to wrap up a very befuddled interview, Kenny asked Will if he’d be racing at Kansas next week? To which Power shot back Yep! Is that a short enough answer for you? Good on you mate… As I’d be a bit turned-off too after having to wait 90 minutes to get grilled like that.

Shame on you Kenny Sergeant!

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