Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maxxum-gate rolls on

“I’m MAD as HELL! And I’m KNOTS Gonna take itzs NO-More! Now get back here Mien Fraulein…”
And speaking of violating… Good on you mate… *Tony Cotman’s swipe at the Gerry & PT show) It’s not looking overly great for the Grand Pooh-Bah of the FIA, better known as presiding President MAD Max Mosley, a.k.a. Sir Maxxum…

Who’s just had his court action to bar Rhubarb Murdoch’s News ‘O the Wurld: DENIED… As the London court Judge said any further attempt to block showing the “Voluntarily Removed” grainy 16mm video of Sir Maxxum’s playing Alvedasei with der Snausage... Ja, bitz kin ze Barron’s Snausage? Ja Volt! Would be futile…

Meanwhile, just sent out to us aspiring motorsports hacks on official FIA stationary… HMM? Perhaps Sir Maxxum is trying to save his Deutschmarks for his defense fund? Comes word that there will be an extraordinary FIA General Assembly meeting held on June 3rd to admonish the Headmaster with a possible vote of No Confidence or better yet throw the MAD-Maxxum-Man UNDER the bus…

Better still, for all of those of you shedding a tear on your three ply charm in for Max Mosley, perhaps you’d wish to visit Full Throttle and toss a few greenbacks into the Bosley “Just for Men” Hindquarters hair transplant fund…

Oh, how the Ronster must just be reveling in Sir Maxxum’s predicament, eh?


  1. Odd, I received a donation of 1 thousand bucks from someone purporting to be the "Dark Avenger."

    Puzzled by the nom de guerre I did a quick trace and discovered the "donation" originated in the vicinity of Woking.

    Could it be I wonder...?

  2. Nah, I doubt the Ronster is throwing out donations... Then again perhaps he's trying to spend his assets prior to his divorce settlement? Wonder if the missus is using that Phil & Son's company recommended by Sir Maxxum?