Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crude joke

Although I try to hit the mute button as often as possible during the countless barrages of OVER-COMMERICALIZATION, nevertheless I did find it somewhat bemusing to notice last night while waiting “N waiting for Graham Rahal’s presence on the Telescreen… How the Automobile manufacturers have changed their advertising pitch… Playing up the virtues of how various models get the BEST gas mileage…

And ironically as I scribble this quick rant, the Radio DJ has just noted how there’s a current rash of complaints flooding local mechanics over their automobiles not running correctly, which surprise-surprise… Seems to have something to do with the lower grade octane that’s produced during the middle of the year, suggesting… Yep, you guessed it! Switching to a higher grade ‘O petrol! Of which we all know what that means, eh?

Thus, while this latest marketing blitz comes amid the continuing cycle of crude oil manipulation… I find it somewhat interesting that the Detroit News actually wrote a story about this latest phenomenon; Big Oil seems slick