Thursday, April 17, 2008

Testing Trouble

While you may think that the Formula 1 circus is enjoying a well deserved break after three “fly-away” races, the rest was short lived, as the majority of teams have been busy participating in this weeks test session at Barcelona, while preparing for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix.

And interestingly, teams have been busy running Bridgestone’s 2009 spec slick rubber… As apparently the FIA may be heading for a return of non-grooved racing tyres next year?

Thus, Scuderia Toro Rosso, which has been running an updated “B” spec of its STR-02 chassis to date, brought its new 2008 model to Barcelona, entrusting Sebastian Bourdais to give the STR-03 its baptism under fire… with the team planning to debut the chassis at the Turkish GP.

Unfortunately after completing 71 laps, the Hamburgular apparently hit a patch “o slippery liquids or stumbled upon a patch of secret sauce… As Sea Bass heavily crashed the new STR-03, which could delay the launch of the new car until Monaco, which isn’t an overly friendly environment for debuting new chassis as the Principality is lined with an overabundance of Armco…