Saturday, January 3, 2015

Think the FIA's got Bigger Fish to Fry...


Like is this the bestest way 'O utilizing its time... If Jean Todt sends his crony, Dr. Gerard Saillant off to Belgium's University of Liège Hospital  to at the very least admonish, and worse, attempt the firing of the straight talking Dr. Gary Hartstein, for Oh My FUCKING Gawd! Having the audacity to post his personal views upon life in the world of motorsports from a doctor's eyes. And more grossly, speak about Mr. Saillant's close friend Michael Schumacher in plain down-to-earth realistic tones instead of adhering to the FRILLIN' A-L-L Sunshine 'N Bunnies Schumacher Brigade!


We cannot have people running around blurting out whatever they're hearts contents upon this wackoid Intrawoods; Err Zed Internetz; Ja Volt! We have ways to make you cooperate Messer Hartstein; Kapishe!

Hmm? Perhaps, just perhaps this is what partially turned me onto the former F1 Doctor who writes his thoughts upon the world wide web jobby Me thinks...

An open letter to Gérard Saillant (oh yeah Jean Todt too)

Keep It Lit Gary!

And please tell Mons ewer's Saillant and Todt to GO FUCK THEMSELFS! As I'm sure glad to know that Formula 1 isn't Political, right Chris Horner? As I'm still waiting to sell you that bridge in Arizona; Oh Never Mind!