Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuh Duh! Today is No Fenders 8th Birthday!

"Doce Winners!" No Fenders scribe Tomaso poses with another No. 1 at Mother Speedway, 'circa 2012. (DOB images)

HUH? Can I-T really already be eight long , dusty, winding years since thy launching of this epic No Fenders 'lil Racing 'BLOB thingy? Aye Karumba! As it'll forever be known as a 'BLOB thingy due to the immortal words 'O No Fenders No. 1 Supporter, thy esteemed 95yr old 'Awntie Harriet, alas, who's had serious Dementia for so long now, she'd never remember calling my blog a 'BLOB; Hooah!

While my current Numero Uno supporter, Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen likes to remind me to keep  scribblin' away on my blog, since not only is I-T my job, it's also my journal of sorts, albeit NOT sure how KURR-RAZY I'm  'bout leaving this 'Uber Gynormous digital trail for those Fine Folks at  our be-LUV-ed' n$a!

Thus, cannot say where in thee "Double Hockey Sticks" this year's gone; BUTT! I-T surely has been a BLSAT! With the year starting off by encapsulating three trips to various warm-weather haunts during thy winter months 'O Seattle's somewhat COLD weather, before things somewhat settled down? As it just seems like I've been on an out-of-control Free-fall the past several months now; as Hey! After all its still summertime, right?

Started the year off in style by going back to Kona, Hawaii once again; Ah, isn't life rough! Before returning to the drizzly, raining, cold Pacific Northwest...

Having been inspired by this latest outing to Kona, I managed to finally extricate my long simmering story about Danny Ongais , in;

Having returned home "Justin-time" to listen via my 'lil transistor radio to the longtime voice of the Seattle Seahawks - which became my "Feel Good Mojo ritual," I reveled in ex-Seahawks Wide Receiver (#83) Steve 'HOLY SMOKES! Raible and NFL Hall of Fame Sidekick 'N Colour Commentator Warren Moon calling thee most exciting SMACK DOWN of exalted QB Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos, with the game seeming to cast a shadow over Manning & Co upon whiffing the first punt for a touchback in an eventual 42-8 whitewash super Bowl victory; Yeehaw!

As this was followed by a trip to The Valley of the Sun towards the end of the month, where Blogmeister Miguel - the inspiration & creator of No Fenders took me over to McLaren Scottsdale, for a very kOOL Day's outing!

Along with No Fenders Artiste Dave, who created the 'Uber Bitchin' No Fenders logo, taking  me back again to the Penske Racing Museum for another enjoyable  visit...

Then I was off to Austin to enjoy a very fun week's stay with "Seeing Eye Dog Guide Guy" Claudio' and  his "Better Half" Nelie, with my favourite concert of the year so far being Arcade Fire at COTA whilst partaking in my second MotoGP outing, which I chronicled in;

Uncharacteristically skipped the Indy 500 this year, which I sorta missed, but then again didn't really give a SHIT about after the overly nauseating commercialism Starship HC' threw down upon us!

Award Winning No Fenders scribe Tomaso poses with unsuspecting Team USA multiple Paralympics silver medalist Downhill Skier Mark Bathum. (SMJ Photos)
Cannot believe I've still not found time to scribble 'bout I-T, but; went to a very enjoyable seminar featuring Washington Paralympics Silver medalist Downhill Skier Mark Bathum at Harborview Medical Center, which I believe was titled: "Group Therapy at 75mph;" YIKES! As there I not only got to touch 'N hold both of Mark's silver medals, i.e.; 2010 Vancouver and 2014 Sochi games, but wear  the Vancouver medal and chill' with Mark, who's a super kOOL Dude!

Which was followed by a totally unexpected Roadtrip to Spokane to listen to Gee-tar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel at the historic Bing Crosby theatre, supposedly built in 1915...

This year, to date, seems like I've set a new personal record for Rock/Pop music concerts attended, which doesn't even include the one or two, or was I-T three? (Hya!) Symphonies, along with a  3-piece string concerto, all at the fabulous  UW Meany Hall. Home of the once Ferocious 'DAWGS! (University of Washington Huskies)

Black Violin at the historic Pantages theatre in Tacoma, Washington.
Arcade Fire and Bob Schneider at Circuit Of The Americas. (COTA)
Buckwheat Zydeco and D.C. Clark in Downtown Austin, Texas.
Tacoma Blues Festival.
Tommy Emmanuel and opening act at the miniscule Bing Crosby theatre in Downtown Spokane, Washington.
Nolan Garrett, Larry Miller & Travis Larson in the well known Jazzbones in Downtown Tacoma, Washington.
And finally, Pre-Austin Fan Fest; Buddy Guy and Peter Frampton with special guest Robert Randolph at The Brits Festival in Medford, Oregon, although their website claims its in Jacksonville, OR...

Originally, my most wonderful experience at McLaren Scottsdale in early February was my initial "No. 1" highlight of the year. Yet, on a spur of the moment whim, unbelievably I found myself ridin' Shotgun to Sonoma, California via Medford, Oregon to this year's Go Pro Grand Prix at Sonoma IndyCar race; Aye Karumba, thanxs solely to Claudio, as this wacky Roadtrip adventure has surpassed all expectations for this year and I'm still in full revelry after this momentous trip whilst I'm now currently down in the other Florence, i.e.; Oregon's Sand Dunes attending this year's Rods 'N Rhodies car show; ah, the life of a visually impaired 'Vurd Botcherer, eh? As hopefully I'll get some more stories posted sometime shortly upon my return...

As always, to A-L-L of my loyal readers, friends & family, ALL I can say is THANK YOU! For playin' along and continuing to support me and read this 'lil 'BLOB thingy; Hooah! As hopefully Y'all enjoy I-T?

As I'd try naming everybody who supports Mwah in various ways, shape 'N form; but am sure I'd forget somebody, so just  a simple Thanxs instead, including a Shout Out to "Ray-Ray;" Err my two most favourite FURR-rocious' 'Offical No Fenders lap 'Hoonds Molly & Pixie who remind Mwah there's more to life than just Blogging!

No Fenders Proprietor

For last year's momentous No Fenders salutations recap, see; No Fenders Seven Year itch?

Photo Credits
(DOB images) "Doce Winners!" courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS.
(SMJ Photos) "2 kOOL Dudes!" courtesy of AZ Bureau Chief "Snobyrd Mary Jane."