Wednesday, September 3, 2014

F1: Mirror-Mirror On the Wall, Will Force India be the Fairest Mid-packer of All?

Continuing this  Driver v Driver, Team-by-Team statistical pursuit, two-third's of our Rookie class are featured in these Mid-field runners, with I suppose the only one not belonging here is the mighty McLaren machine, which once again is struggling to leapfrog its upstart "Indian Spice" competitor, whom I'm not sure if they're still using McLaren's technical expertise this year? As the mighty Woking concern really shouldn't be battling for 5th-place honours with the Minnowesqe Force India squad (again) who still reside in plucky 'Ol EJ's (Eddie Jordan) factory at Silverstone; as talk 'bout your David vs. goliath, eh?

Engine: Mercedes Benz
Points: 98

(Car #/Driver/Country/Points)
11. Sergio Perez; Mexico: 29
27. Nico Hulkenberg; Germany: 69

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Hulkenberg) 7/6; 7/5; 12/5; 8/6; 11/10; 11/5; 11/5; 10/9; 4/8; 9/7; 9/R.
Perez)          16/10; 14/R; 5/3; 16/9; 12/9; 10/R; 13/11; 11/6; 7/11; 10/10; 13/R.

Qualifying = Hulkenberg 9-2.
Race = Hulkenberg 7-3*.
(* = 1-Double Retirement)

Although Checa', nee Sergio Perez has the team's only podium to date, I'd have to say that thee "Incredible Hulkster" (Nico Hulkenberg) has clearly been Force India's superior driver, as the German really should be being considered for a top team's drive; Hmm? Perhaps either McLaren or Ferrari? Or Even Red Bull? Nah, it AIN'T gonna happen, at least next year Me Thinks...

Thus, with just a lone solitary points lead over McLaren in the race for fifth place in the  Constructors scrum, it'd be a major coup for them to hold onto the position, which I expect McLaren will eventually succeed at capturing...

Engine: Mercedes Benz
Points: 97

20. R-Kevin Magnussen; Denmark: 37
22. Jenson Button; Great Britain: 60
(R = Rookie)

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Button)       11/3; 10/6; 7/17; 12/11; 8/11; 12/6; 9/4; 12/11; 3/4; 11/8; 7/10.
Magnussen) 4/2; 8/9; 9/R; 15/13; 15/12; 8/10; 12/9; 6/7; 5/7; 4/9; 10/12.

Qualifying = Magnussen 6-5.
Race = Button 8-3.

Whilst the media was all uh-lather over Kevin Magnussen's coming-out party "Down Under," in regards to the virtual Rookie battle between 'MAGS JR, Russia's Daniil Kvyat and Sweden's Marcus Ericsson, with NO disrespect to Ericsson, I'm skipping his tally for the moment - mainly due to the horrendous nature of the Caterham-Renault he's struggling to wrassle control of!

Alas, Magnussen was the talk of Albert Park, albeit the boil quickly went off the McLaren MP4-2x challenger, as the Dane' and his elder team-mate struggled for results afterwards - with thee 'ronster, nee Ron Dennis even publicly calling into Questione Bloody 'JENSE's (Button) early performance...

Yet Button has taken it in stride, having almost done the surreal by claiming another elusive Podium position in his home race at Silverstone, with a  fine fourth place finish, as the team seems to be gradually improving, even if all of the latest  hoopla is over who'll be driving for the Honda "works" squad next season? Especially since it seems to Mwah that McLaren's management is testing the waters towards 'JENSE's eventual exit...

Engine: Renault
Points: 17

25. Jean-Eric Vergne; France: 11
26. R-Daniil Kvyat; Russia: 6
(R = Rookie)

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Kvyat)   8/9; 11/10; 13/11; 13/10; 13/14; 9/R; 15/R; 7/R; 9/9; 8/R; 11/14.
Vergne) 6/8; 9/R; 14/R; 9/12; 16/R; 7/R; 8/8; 15/R; 10/10; 13/13; 8/9.

Qualifying = Vergne 6-5.
Race = Kvyat 5-4*.
(* = 2-Double Retirements)

Thus for Mwah, the real revelation to date is the surprising driving of unheralded 'Rooskie teenager DK, who was a teenager when he began his assault on F1 down Under...

As the Russian pilot as done wonders at the 'lil bulls, nee Red Bull's Seester' Toro Rosso, as surely 'JEV (Jean-Eric Vergne) is wondering what he's got to do to get a break, right? Especially with A-L-L of the rumours regarding other Red Bull Junior Drivers sniffing over his race seat for 2015...

Engine: Renault
Points: 8

8. Romain Grosjean; France: 8
13. Pastor Maldonado; Venezuela: 0

Races  : Rounds 1-11
Grosjean)    21/R;  16/11; 16/12; 10/R;    5/8;       14/8; 14/R; 16/14; 11/12; 15/R; 15/R.
Maldonado) 22#/R; 17/R; 17/14; 22#/14; 22#/15; 15/R; 17/R; 14/12; 14/17; 19/12; 22#/13.
(# = No Time)

Qualifying = Grosjean 10-1.
Race = Grosjean 5-4*.
(* = 2-Double Retirements)

What can I say about this team, other than surely being the biggest disappointment of the season, albeit they haven't been exactly helped out by the Renault Power Unit's this year, nor having their FRIC suspension rendered obsolete, which pundits claim has affected their chassis the harshest.

And can't really say much flattering about the driver front either, as Pastor Maldonado has probably been the worst  driver on the grid this year with his endless spat of bizarre incidents, while I feel for Romain Grosjean, who must surely miss running s constantly at the front of the grid last season, having witnessed him notch a superb second place finish at Circuit Of The Americas.

Yet the team seems continuously mired in financial uncertainty, albeit supposedly having inked a deal to switch over to Mercedes power next year along with announcing plans to ditch its double tusk nose, so hopefully the Enstone based squad can rebound a la Team  'Willy this year...

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