Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marc Marquez still blowing MotoGP field away!

Otay, so I'm a little late with this story as usual, still celebrating No Fenders 8th birthday 'N all; (Since I'd originally intended to post this story thru the magic of E-lectronics whilst away playin' in the Dunes but alas, ran outta time to get I-T loaded before leaving...) but! Doubt that the red hot Marc Marquez has cooled down much at all, if any since capturing his eleventh win of the season at Silverstone. (Having NO idea if he's won more races in the past 3wks time-span I've been away...)

As I enjoyed the following New York Times story, albeit get tired of the media playing games by swapping story titles, etc, which makes it pretty hard for Mwah to sus' (search) them out upon Zed Internetz; but I digress!

As I was somewhat baffled over why "the Doctor's," nee Valentino Rossi's 246th  start was a record, according to the story.

But since have found out that Rossi had broken the all-time 500cc-MotoGP starts  record of 245 set by Alex Barros during his 17-year career. (1990-2007) in style with a fine third place finish behind Marquez and team-mate George Lorenzo. (At Silverstone)

Hence, The Doctor's feat is impressive indeed, given the physical demands of wrasslin' a 'Scooter, but pales in comparison to 'Ol 'Rubino's (Rubens Barrichello) staggering tally of 322-starts in Formula 1!

Yet, it seems obvious to Mwah, that we're witnessing the passing of the torch from the legendous' Rossi to the mercurial Marquez, albeit only time will tell what the young Spaniard's final career  statistics  will be, while can Rossi push the bar to an unbelievable 300-starts in the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, who knows, eh?