Monday, September 22, 2014

No Fenders Summer Requiem...

Howdy Y'all, Chief 'Vurd Botcherer Tomaso here... Sorry for the recent lack "O verbiage on thy 'lil No Fenders 'Bloggenspotten; Ja Ja! As I've been 'Oot 'N Aboot *out 'N about) once again, having just returned from a two-weeks plus Holiday adventure to the other Florence; NOT the one in Italy but Oregon instead; Hooah!

Where Florence stands upon the precipice of Oregon's majestic Sand Dunes. With said trip recap eventfully making its way into another riveting Tomaso Files yarn sometime shortly before I-T ALL Fades away...

But Hey! At least I didn't miss any IndyCar races 'cause they've gone DORMANT for the next 486-weekends; Err an ABSURDLY LONG 212 Days approx. which equals 72.5% of one year's time if I've done my ryth-Muh-tickin' correctly? Uhm, where's the sudden angst coming from? As so much for the post-Holiday afterglow, eh?

And it's quite an odd feeling to think I've missed the last two Grand Prix's, i.e.; Spa and Monza, having not viewed any Formula 1 on thy Telie' since Hungary 'Wayback at the end of July, nearly  two months ago,  and barely spoke a word 'bout motor racing over the past Fortnight-pluses time, to which A-L-L I can say is that COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas is LUCKY! Since FedEx, which is notorious for dumping 'N running, did I-T once again and left my Austin F1 tickets sitting in my Apartment's Breezeway for who knows how LONG whilst I was away; SHEISKOPFS!

And I finished off this glorious 'N epic adventure by unexpectedly attending a Rally to STOP the Coal Ports from being built in Washington at the 'Kuhnaidiun-American border crossing, from which I've selected the notice from the FREE Peltier blog, as do Y'all know the plight of Leonard Peltier?

Yet I find it overly  ironic that said peace rally to stop the toxic destruction of the Pacific Northwest's Oceans from the hazardous corruption of coal, petroleum and liquid natural gas water-ways amassing was taking place where businessman, lawyer and Railroad Tycoon; Err Executive Samuel Hill - where somewheres previously I'd read he'd proclaimed his occupation as  Industrialist had paid for the erection of his white concrete peace arch between Blame, Washington and Surrey, BC's border crossing whom I briefly chronicled in;

As the Rally was very enlightening and amongst several speakers, our most favourite being the 21yr old activist, environmentalist and soon to be scientist - who we met briefly afterwards, having only caught her first name Sarah, who's from Ethiopia, a Senior at the University of Washington who plans to get her PHD in Oceanography in order to study the Ocean's ever growing toxicity -  discussed the fast disappearance of Terapod's, while pointedly noting how the United States couldn't BOMB its way out of Climate Change!

Orca - Killer whale. (Image source:
Whilst I particularly enjoyed Dana Lyons song about the Salish Sea and protecting the Orca's, aka Killer Whales, which he noted the profound effects ships have upon their abilities to communicate with their Pod's and more importantly children...

As I find it somewhat Karmic that we'd just passed thru Newport, Oregon some 48hrs earlier, where Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen first pointed out Newport's Municipal Airport, which was utilized in Keiko's transport to Newport's Oregon Coast Aquarium, which I was totally unawares of 'til Mary Ellen casually mentioned how it was where the Orca, nee Killer Whale Keiko, star of the Free Willy movies had been taken to prepare for his reintroduction into the wild after some $7-million-plus in Donations had flowed into the Free Willy Keiko Foundation (charity) created by Western Warshintonian' businessman Craig McCaw, brother  of Bruce McCaw, ex-CART team owner of Pacwest Racing.

Thus I felt somewhat chagrined whilst sitting  on the grass in Peace Arch State Park totally unawares of the nearby Salish Sea and its significance in regards towards mammal and sea life, which I really dug Messer Lyons song about The Great Salish Sea, of which you can get the overall vibe in;

As ironically, I've just now discovered that Mr. Lyons is the same artist who sang one of my favourite Activist songs: Cows with Guns!

Then upon our being instructed to form two parallel lines with all those traveling northwards for today's rally  to face north on the left side, with all those traveling south to do likewise upon the opposite (right) side, Claudio' spotted a man in the British Columbia line (facing south) sporting a Minardi F1 hat!

Next, being instructed to take a step forward and shake our opposite counterparts hands, Mary ELLEN said to Keith; you've got to meet Tomaso who's a Diehard F1 Aficionado, and even has a Formula 1 Blog!

Keith from Oh 'KanaDuh was exceedingly polite, albeit mystified when I asked him what he thought of "Uncle Bernaughty;" WHO? You know, Bernie Ecclestone, the BASTARDO who PAID his way out of a Bribe!

Yet I must say, that Formula One's current GREENWASHING' campaign is being successful, as Keith extolled the virtues of this year's PU's (Power Units) advances of racing on one third less fuel, along with their myriad of hybrid technologies, i.e.; the two power generating electrical units onboard said Formula 1 chassis - all of which is true, despite overlooking the toxicity of  producing said  electrical current, etc.

When asked why the Minardi cap, for which Keith said most people don't know who I-T is, which once again Mary Ellen quickly interjected Tomaso does! He replied they'd been in Monaco for the Grand Prix and he wanted something different and spotted a man selling two Minardi hats and SHUHZAMM! Whilst I last scribbled 'bout Minardi Alumni in;

Lastly, there was the most BIZARO encounter in my life I've had of my very brief experience of Mary Ellen taking me in the Women's Loo' when out in public, since she  tired of getting the evil eye from men upon escorting me to the Men's bathroom instead.

As Y'all might NOT understand just how difficult I-T is for a blind person to successfully navigate their way to a bathroom stall in either gender's washroom, especially with they're having NO exact identical design! Or  better yet, next time try going into a public WC" (Water Closet) BLINDFOLDED and S-E-E how good Y'all do, eh?

AnyHoo, after our day of unity, peace and prosperity between our two nations we approached said women's  bathroom to which Mary Ellen first inquired to its occupants if they minded having a blind man enter said facility, to which they all immediately replied; No Problema!

As I'd taken one or may be two steps across the bathroom's threshold,  an INSANE SCREAMING DITTOHEAD (androgynous) woman assaulted us with a barrage of angry high pitched words; saying she'd seen men impersonating being BLIND just in order  to go inside women's bathrooms, and why couldn't a man escort me into the men's bathroom instead! Uh Duh lady, 'cause I wasn't with a man! As she continued her verbal accusation of my perverted desires to enter the women's bathroom...

Thus, we quickly made an U-turn and exited the female bathroom in Questione, to which I heard one of the ladies inside say mockingly "What was he gonna S-E-E Anyways!" As they were chuckling loudly over this outlandish scene as we  strode away...

But Oh, NO! INSANE lady wasn't done, SCREAMING she was going to get a Policeman to test my eyesight 'cause she knew I wasn't blind! As although I should have simply ducked the ABSURDITY of this surreal episode, my inner cranium was severely PISSED OFF 'bout being labeld as a PERVERT! To which unexpectedly I shot back ANGRILLY towards her I'm Legally Blind and would love to S-E-E a police officer determine my LACK of vision; while NOT saying I-T, my inner child was channeling "Bring IT On, lady!" To which she  SHOUTED back to me, S-E-E; YOU'RE NOT BLIND 'CAUSE YOU LOOKED RIGHT AT ME!


As I'll let Yuhs in on a 'lil secret Sister; I can HEAR the direction your voice is coming from; Oh Never Mind! As we made our exit promptly and stopped at the first Rest Area upon the I-5 Highway south, to where it was Claudio's turn to take me to the bathroom, where he noted there was  an electric car charging station at said rest area, which I suppose was a symbiotic reminder that the electricification of the automobile is definitely now  occurring...