Friday, August 8, 2014

While F1's Teflon Man Slips the Noose, another Ties his Own Knot...

Although I cannot say that I'm overly surprised by the news of Uncle Bernaughty buying his way out of Jail, nonetheless, cannot even remotely put into words how Gynormously DISGUSTING taste I-T leaves in  thy mouth! As once again Messer Bernard Ecclestone has bought his way out of trouble, or dare I say I-T? He's now effectively BRIBED the German's Prosecution Office into submission by deftly offering them $100m to make his Bribery Trial simply Go Away; SHEISA!


Who notes that the past three and-a-half years have been an aggravation for him, having to tend to multiple legal matters, trials 'N all; Ah Shucks Bernie, Be still my Beating Heart; YUK!

As he's actually got the daftness to claim he feels a bit of an idiot for shilling out $100m for his freedom; WTF? Oh wait a minute, I forgot, that's right, isn't he the same person who said  Hitler was a really good organizer and that Danica Patrick would make a good Domestic Appliance;  Oh Never Mind! Why am I wasting my time on this SHIT!

Hey, like if he didn't  PAY $44m to ensure that CVC took control of Formula 1, than why is disgraced German Banker Gerhard Gribkowsky sitting in Jail for eight-and-a-half years, why?

Meanwhile, I was far more surprised by the news that the reputed suspect whom police had taken into custody for stealing, and then trying to sell Michael Schumacher's medical records - which are strictly Verboten, Ja Volt! Has apparently hanged himself in prison...