Monday, September 29, 2014

Scrutiny over Tony Stewart case troubling for Motorsports

So I originally missed the news over Tony Stewart's deadly incident with Kevin Ward Jr. having now been sent to a Grand Jury for deliberation upon charges or not? Having first heard about the latest development Sunday night (Sept 21) on the Speed Freaks, who refreshingly had an almost entirely 'RASSCAR Free  broadcast, instead focusing upon Sports Cars whilst broadcasting  live from the OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips favourite Texas track COTA, aka Circuit Of The Americas.

As what I can only imagine was a very enjoyable  Double Header featuring the Tutor United Sports Car championship along with its European counterpart, WEC, aka World Endurance Championship.

Alas, I can only agree with 'Duh Freaks' over this latest development being very troubling, as in can Tony Stewart be given a  fair trial if the need arises, as how many of "Mainstream Stick 'N Ball" Americans truly understand the nature, intensity and aggression motor racing breeds in a driver?

While I enjoyed Scotty Scooter' Pruett's usual candor regarding the Tony Stewart incident, basically stating how NOBODY wins in a  situation like that! Noting how at his last time in an IndyCar at Fontana he was averaging 236mph with a terminal velocity of 247 FREAKIN' Miles-Per-Hour on the straightaway; SHEISA!

And if anything goes wrong at that rate of speed, things are gonna get broken or potentially worse! As people tend to forget that these Athletes stare into the face of Death every time they strap their  helmet on...

Whilst Andy Lally, who apparently moonlights as a MMA fighter had  a far more candid answer for The Freaks when asked 'bout handling aggression, along with divulging having driven with his foot literally on FIRE for 90mins in a previous race, for those who still don't think drivers are Athletes; GET OVER IT!

As I tend to agree with Crash Gladys's sentiments and vitriol that Tony Stewart is simply 100% incapable of intending any malice towards Kevin Ward Jr. Although as 'Sarge followed up with, we all want justice served correctly, and if  Tony was trying to teach Ward a lesson - that went horribly wrong, then Stewart must be held accountable for his actions...

Thus, fortunately, and correctly, the Grand Jury has rightly decided NOT to charge Tony Stewart over Kevin Ward Jr's  death, although his family is still seeking restitution financially from Stewart, which could be hard to accomplish due in part to Ward's toxicology report  having found the 20yr old driver to be impaired by marijuana the night of his untimely death.

Yet in another sign regarding the serious consequences of racing, another driver has died  in a Sprint Car crash,  this time in Wisconsin...