Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Fenders Seven Year Itch?

Tuh-Duh! Can Y'all believe I-T? Its once again time for this 'lil 'BLOB thingy to celebrate its Born On Date, better known as its Birthday!

VIDEO: Birthday!

Yet instead of re-typing the HOLE thingy, as I tried going over the highlights in last year's salutations, which I scribbled in;

Instead I'm taking a different tack this year, clever, eh? Especially since the 'Uber maligned America's Cup yachting event is blusterin' away around Alcatraz right now... Thus, since my favourite travelin' companion Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen constantly reminds me of, this 'lil BLOB thingy, as shall thou forever be christened by thee GURR-REAT 'Awntie Harriet... Its my journal - which we all now know leaves a mighty B-I-G 'DIGG I-T Tull trail for our find friends at the National $ecurity Apparatus to follow... (Can Y'all say Edward Snowden?) And therefore I thought I'd link back to a bevy of my Award Winning Tomaso Files stories posted this season. (Or Y'all can simply skip 'Dem & continue on below...)

Tues, 1/8

Tues, 2/12

Thurs, 4/11

Mon, 6/3

Tues, 6/11

Thurs, 7/4

As its been a good year overall, although it seems most overshadowed by what I dislike most, 'Whale secondly after listening to the 'Brat outside having an extended shrieking tantrum; CRIKEYS! Its that Hope 'N Change thingy; Err the dreaded word change... As Y'all know how  much I currently HATE the changes enforced upon Mwah by the ALL knowing BLEEP HEADZ at microSOFT, gOOgle, Apple and A-L-L things leading the Digital Revolution, as I'm still awaiting the App for blind, visually impaired & disabled people who CANNOT SEE or USE FUCKING colour iCON driven touch screens; URGH!

And its funny, how internally, my blog is now at V6, or better yet GEN-6; YIKES! As the most astute will have noticed the subtle graphic changes, mostly formatting issues caused by ' Not to mention that I cannot interface properly with thy gOOgleMunster's Blogger platform 'cause they DON'T wanna work with microSOFT; Oh Never Mind!

Yet like F1, which thankfully returns after its summer hiatus, and with my new BITCHIN' Confuzer, 'Whale there's certainly a whole  lotta BITCHING going on at Tomaso Manor; Hya! Nevertheless I feel somewhat reinvigorated and as always, wish to thank all three? Or is I-T now just two loyal readers; Hooah!

AnyHoo, as always, thanxs to all of my loyal supporters, friends, family and readers as a funny thought creeps into my mind, now that the screeming child has shushed outside... Its akin to 'Kurty Cavin sayin' on Trackside: "we've been here 6yrs & we'll be here for another 6yrs..."

Otay, now time to go eat cake! Or better yet, have some ice cream with 'Awntie Harriet!