Wednesday, September 25, 2013

INDYCAR: Great Balls 'O Fire, the Sequel...

So much for not scribblin' anything today, as I've just listened to 'Kurty Cavin's story 'bout FAST EDDIE's ECR Transporter going Poof! As the Ed Carpenter Racing transporter caught fire today in Flagstaff, Arizona upon its way home from the site of Carpenter's latest victory - where IndyCar teams were testing at Fontana...

And this news upon another typically slow news day, especially for IndyCar made me say to myself, what is it about these Semi-haulers catching on fire? As it seems to be a somewhat  typical occurrence, since I still remember Penske  Racing having one of its transporters flamb├ęd 'Wayback when, which I scribbled 'bout in;

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