Saturday, September 21, 2013

NBCSN Receives Second Yellow Card for Fouling Up F1 'Qualie coverage...

Was originally gonna try using the word FOWL in my title, since after all I prefer to think of NBC Sports Network as "Peacock lite" who've once again CRAPPED all over Formula 1 in regards to showing something much more important upon its second tier cable television channel... Or perhaps something much more expensive, eh?

But instead, I've decided to award NBCSN its second Yellow Card of the season - which means Y'all were FORCED to sit out watching the Singapore Grand Prix's Saturday Qualifying session live, which means your humble No Fenders scribe was forced to go the entire  day without reading any of his usual websites or newspapers in fear of hearing who's on Pole before getting to finally watch my taped coverage Sunday morning, (hopefully) when it appears I'll now be doing an F1 marathon 'Telie episode of 'Qualie & the Race back-2-back sandwiched in by the making of RUSH's Will to Win special, as it's a good thingy there's a storm Uh-blowin' Sunday, which will be a good day to stay inside warm 'n dry!

Yet I'm still overly PISSED OFF once again at NBCSN! As I'm getting really PEEVED over all of this blather 'bout making F1 inroads into America when NBCSN continuously PISSES all over its television coverage... Or may be its just the Peacock sticking its head in the sand?

So we know that they're not adverse to moving the coverage around their  fine family "O networks, case-in-point the shoddiness of NOT informing us properly of moving the F1 races to CNBC in order to make room for the Tour de France's Wall-to-Wall TV coverage this summer.

Thus, instead of trying to pump up your 'lil "Stick 'N Ball" website - which I REFUSE to visit! Hey NBCSN, I DON'T wanna try watching F1 on a tiny little Confuzer screen, if I could manage to login and actually pull up the program, since Y'all FAILED to even say WHAT time it would be occurring! Hmm? Let's see, if I CANNOT S-E-E the Formula 1 cars at night upon my 'Telie's medium sized screen then why in thee HELL would I be able to see them on an even smaller monitor?

Then again I suppose we could  blame I-T upon Oracle Team USA, eh? I mean C'mon New Zealand, GET ON WITH I-T! And win the America's Cup already! As I've been rootin' for the 'Kiwi's since Day-1 as they've simply been the boat to beat... As Leigh Diffey said that they'd try to squeeze in 'Qualie if Emirates New Zealand took the Cup prior to Saturday's round robin matches, as I'm actually gonna sit down 'N watch the Kiwi's KICK ARSE in San Francisco today instead...

Otay, so I checked CNBC's Saturday morning line-up repeatedly - have Y'all ever noticed how NBCSN shifts the CRAP out of when F1 coverage will be? Case-in-point as this weekend's coverage was scheduled for 6:30AM Friday, 10PM Saturday and 4:30AM Sunday...  (ALL TIMES PACIFIC) Leaving me totally bamboozled over why they couldn't shift or switch some of their vaunted Infomercial programming on CNBC?

Let's see what some of the channel's morning programming consisted of: Precision Induction Cook Top, Trial Laser Hair Removal, Precision Induction Cook Top, (again) Focus T-25, Shark Sonic Duo Deep Cleaning, (carpet) No Defrosting or Pre-heating, Precision Induction Cook Top, (again for a 3rd time followed by) No Defrosting or Pre-heating, (since apparently the F1 'Qualie still hasn't defrosted yet...) while we certainly couldn't bump the 1hr Sexiest Bodies in 2013, right? Which was followed by another two carpet cleaning shows; URGH! Hmm? Where's that Bristle Fuller Brush Man when Yuhs needs him, eh?

I mean really NBCSN? You cannot manage to squeeze in 90 Bloody minutes of F1? When instead you've got 18.69 hours of Football on the 'Telie instead; Err English Premiere League Soccer... And I won't even get started about NBCSN starting Friday's F1 coverage EARLY; FUCK! As I think duh Peacock-lite should change their slogan to: Your Home of Open Wheel Racing (Some  69%) of the time instead! And they wonder why their Abysmal ratings are so LOW? Here's your Sign NBCSN; Oh Never Mind!