Monday, September 9, 2013

Walt Arfons: Father of Jet-powered Racing Cars Pulls his Chute at 96...

Read this awhile ago, as I just can't get over his awesome quote: "There's NOTHING like the feeling of the Afterburner Kicking In!"

If you're a Bonneville Salt Flats devotee, then you'll know the name Arfons, albeit the Arfons Y'all know is his 'legendous brother Art, who preceded Walt in death, and apparently the two brothers had a healthy disdain for each other. And although Art was grabbing the headlines by battling toe-to-toe with some 'Kat named Breedlove, as in Craig Breedlove, the first American to go 400, 500 and 600mph in his series of Spirit of America Jet-cars, nevertheless it was Walt Arfons who successfully pioneered the use of surplus jet engines in racing cars... So hit that burner once more Walt!