Friday, September 13, 2013

Spicing Up Duh Chase!

By now Y'all have probably heard 'bout Mikey 'Aw Shucks Waltrip's latest Mesopotamia; Err Cheating Scandal, as Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR) has been fined $300,000, had a top member placed on indefinite suspension and all three drivers docked 50-points apiece after Clint 'Fisticuffs Bowyer purposely spun his car with seven laps remaining in order to ensure fellow teammate Martin Truex getting one of the coveted Chase spots...

Yet the plot thickens further with new allegations over Roger Penske's team purportedly cutting a deal with a fellow Ford team to help ensure Joey Lagano also made the Chase...

While now comes word that two of MWR's sponsors are reviewing whether they wish to remain associated with Squeaky Clean Mikey's outfit or not? After all its not the first time Mikey's been busted for cheating - although I think its Bowyer who shoulda been thrown out of the Chase instead!

Which if these sponsors are to remain true to current practice, i.e.; Nike dumping Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius after their respective disgraces, then I personally hope NAPA and 5hr Energy give MWR the Boot!

Hmm? Here's a wild ARSE idea, as I'm guessing that both of these companies could find interested teams in IndyCar who's budgets most likely are a fraction of the price to be in 'RASSCAR, right? I mean like 'TK Follow-your-Schnoz Kanaan would look good in a  NAPA car, and he's certainly got the Energizer Bunny profile that would work with 5hr Energy; just sayin'...

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