Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smearing the Sanctity of Indianapolis, again?

A few thought bubbles have been floatin' round thy hallowed halls 'O NoFendersville lately, mostly in regards to the speculation over perhaps hosting an IndyCar race at the beginning of May at Mother Speedway going Clockwise.. As in a Road Race upon Indianapolis Motor Speedway's much lamented "Mickey Mouse" infield circuit that I believe goes down Hulman Road? Or is it Boulevard? (Actually its Hulman Boulevard, having just caught the FS1 Boyz talking 'bout I-T during the MOTO GP broadcast...) As we won't get into a lather over the track's road  course circuit, as isn't it funny how nobody ever berates DayToner's infield circuit, right?

Now I understand the necessity of hosting more than one event per year at thee Brickyard, I mean heavens me, how will they ever pay back that "Gubberment" loan? Y'all know the one that came ironically after the much delayed lawsuit over the hallowed facilities LACK of Accessibility for the Disabled...

IMS Hand in Glove - Or ringing the bellfor Subsidy?

Thus comes word from J. Douglas Bolles that at least one IndyCar will test at the Speedway most likely in September, with a possibility of two cars running the road course as a feasibility study for a potential future (2014) event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And I won't get all warbled up over how the thought of an IndyCar road race is blasphemous, but really IMS? A FREAKIN' road race as the kickoff to the Month of May; Err 12-days of May; WTF? I mean why not just slit your wrists completely and run it the night before the 500 instead...

As I really DON'T think there's any necessary need to host an IndyCar race upon the Brickyard's road circuit anywhere near the Month of May, after all isn't that when we're supposed to be "Back Home in Indiana" at some 'lil 'Ol 500-miler Oval race? But hey, how 'bout running it on Labour Day weekend instead since Baltimore's date is  free next year. Oh, that's right we wouldn't want to compete with the NHRA Nitro Nats at Lucas Oil Raceway, right?

And I know this would NEVER happen, but how 'bout running a double header with the MOTO GP? As I'd buy a ticket to that...

So I get the need to make MORE money, which I'm certainly NOT doing, but at what expense? I mean how am I supposed to justify flying cross country twice to Indianapolis? Which leads me to my next comment, which originally had me growlin' at Kevin Lee during a recent Trackside show once again, when stating that IndyCar needed to pay respect to Eddie Gossage and show him some 'LUV in regards to Texas Motor Speedway's loyalty to the series for 25yrs; URGH! In regards to Eddie's nose potentially being outta joint over Indy Cars racing at his next door neighbor's Circuit Of The America's (COTA) track... Which I would pick ANY day over watching Indy Cars running round the Speedway's road course!

Now I'm NOT comparing the two venues as comparable, (Texas v Portland) but Uhm Kevin, what say 'Ye over Portland's loyalty to hosting its CART/Champ Car event and paying the sanctioning fee for twenty-five years before getting the knife...

Thus it seems to me that IndyCar is just being lazy and taking the easy way out by holding another race at IMS in order to pump up its coffers instead of working with a promoter to bring the sport to a locale that currently doesn't host an IndyCar event, especially since I get overly tired about hearing the wankering over Market Saturation! As there are so many good venues with loyal fans across the nation that the series isn't willing to interact with... Can Y'all say Portland, Vancouver BC, Laguna Seca, Phoenix, Road America, Watkins Glen, Edmonton, etc; Oh Never Mind!

And Look Ma; Err Mark Miles,  I won't even lament Portland's lack of an IndyCar race, Honest!

But seriously, if this goes ahead as it  seems like it will, then I do NOT want to hear one more FREAKIN' word 'bout dwindling attendance at the Speedway, too many tracks in the Midwest or whatever BULLSHIT Y'all will rustle up instead as the reason NOBODY watches IndyCar...

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