Monday, September 23, 2013

F1: Singapore Sleeper...

Otay, originally wasn't gonna even scribble anything 'bout the race since I was torqued off 'bout duh Peacock lite's bungling of 'Qualie coverage, as the race was farcical at best - since "TWINKIEBOY" (Seb Vettel) made a mockery of the entire F1 grid with his mastery of crushing the opposition with his Blitzkrieg-like speed; Ja Volt!

And thus I found there to be far more entertainment in thee 'Kimster's back pains which I do believe are true, although Somme-thun' seems a bid odd if the reports are true that the team left his seat unbolted? As there seems to have been far more action regarding Kimi Raikkonen who reportedly received assistance from Vettel's "Physio" to make it onto the grid race day - not to mention the drama of teammate Mark 'Handlebarz Webber's engine going KABLAMOE on the last lap!

As the affable 'Aussie has now received a 10-grid spot penalty for his after race shenanigans involving running out onto track to fetch a ride with pal "Fredrico Suave," aka Fred Alonso... As I don't want to say it was a dull race, but; I was more intrigued with freezing the recording to see Webber upon Alonso's sidepod then the result of the race! Since obviously this action reminded me of some blokes named Senna and 'Nige 'Wayback when, eh?