Friday, September 27, 2013

RUSH Finally Arrives at Theatres...

In case Y'all haven't heard or seen the countless advertisements for Ronnie Howard's F1 racing movie titled RUSH, it's slated to open nationwide today in the theatre of your choice... As with A-L-L racing movies, most notably Senna, I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie upon the B-I-G Screen and am slated to go SEE I-T this weekend in Seattle; Hoorah! As even 'Ol Niki Lauda's been getting in on the act, having been a surprise guest upon Speed Freaks last Sunday night!

As the movie sets out to profile the two vastly different personas of the 1976 F1 world champion protagonists, i.e.; James Hunt v Niki Lauda, whilst the Austrian triple world champion has also elaborated upon his feelings towards today's F1 drivers in;

Hence, like "Niki-the-Rat" sez', all Ron Howard films are good. So hopefully this one won't disappoint! Although I fail to see how it will due to the great depths of research Howard went to make it  painstakingly accurate; so go check I-T out!