Monday, September 2, 2013

Baltimore Bashathon...

So many stories - so little time... As I basically just sat Dumbfounded over what simply appeared to be Indy Cars version of the Bump 'N run on the city streets "O Baltimore...

As it all began with what was a very annoying two Dazes 'O Marty Snyder's asking Scott Dixon the exact same hopefully "incendiary" question about Sonoma - as I thought wait a moment, they're (NBCSN) playing the same interview over again a day later?

Then there was what seemingly appeared to be Derrick; Err why did Warwick's last name jump inside my head? Perhaps 'cause he was the guest Race Steward at the Belgian GP... As what I meant to say was Derrick Walker's Mea Culpa over the Pitlane Shenanigans at Sonoma, which effectively sounded to me like a really LAME attempt at apologizing to Scott Dixon & TCGR over the Gamesmanship which does occur upon Pitlane - as I thought Townsend Bell's multiple videotape examples of several Pit Crews Gamesmanship was excellent. As I won't bother saying I've known this all along, but it's just one more example of Indy Cars officiating oversight, perhaps? As I do have to say I like the way Walker's seemingly become the new Sherriff in Town...

And then I was just sitting there screaming at thee 'Telie saying, if 'HULIO HIT a Pit Crew member then that's an immediate PENALTY! As it seems like it took overly long for that call to be made, and then I further castigated the broadcast by saying that Castroneves CANNOT serve his black flag Stop 'N Go penalty under a Pitstop!

And then there was thee WRECK! As I suppose we'll never truly know, but Will Power almost seemed a 'Wee bit too Sheepish over his taking out Scott Dixon, as surely Power's earned massive points with The Captain towards helping the Golden Child of Team Penske enlarge his points lead, right? As I'm just simply NOT impressed with Helio's championship run-to-date.

But I was screaming in joy over "Symone Pagenoe's" (Simon Pagenaud) BAD ARSE late race driving to the win, his second of his IndyCar career & second of the season, while Joseph 'STUD Newgarden showed off his ultimate pace by scoring his debutant BIG CARZ podium with a fine runner-up finish, as I mean what more endorsement can Y'all ask for than 4-time ICS Champion Dario Franchitti saying you're "Wicked Fast!" (Thru the chicane...)

And all I could say for le 'Hamburgular, nee Sebastain Bourdais is "GET OVER IT!" As he stole a probable podium from Justin 'B-I-G UNIT Wilson and seemingly should have been penalized for avoidable contact... As once again I'm just left shaking my head 'N wonderin' why in thee HELL! Wilson won't be given a top ride? I mean C'mon 'Cheep, if the TK or Hinchcliffe deals fall thru, then why not put Wilson in the fourth 'G2 car alongside Charlie Kimball...

Thus, was that a real IndyCar race? NO! NOT really, as in the immortal words 'O Professor (Steve) Matchett? There was simply way too MUCH Argie-Bargey goin' on the mean streets 'O Baltimore... While the really impressive; NOT! Aspect of the Thunderclap heard at Baltimore's inner-harbour is the fact that we'll have to wait a further 5-weeks 'til the Boyz go racing again, as I'd almost rather have HULIO win the title since the season's been such an Abomination anywayz, as seriously IndyCar, you couldn't find a venue to run as a one-off to fill in the ridiculously LONG gap between Baltimore and Houston? Hmm? Perhaps it's a good thing that Fontana's so DAMN FAR away, as hopefully the Rim fire will be out by then?

And Oh, My, FUCKING Gawd! I never knew that Dick was such an offensive word? I mean C'mon Derrick & IndyCar, QUIT trying to muzzle the drivers personalities! As I'm certainly hoping that Dixon doesn't get a penalty or fine for  throwin' down upon Race Control's Beaux Barfield, yet again though, if he doesn't, then it's a pretty B-I-G GAFF of inconsistency after John "Print This!" Barnes got fined for complaining publicly over Turbogate, as I'm sure glad I'm not the Chief Steward! While I'm not really sure if Indy Cars racing is so GURR-REAT!!! Lately? But at least we do seem to have some new talent emerging, as I'd say the torch just got passed to Pagenaud by 'SeaBass like I-T or NOT!

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