Monday, September 16, 2013

'Monty Making Indy Cars Comeback!

So the news via IndyStar's "Kurty" Cavin this afternoon (9/16) was like a bolt 'O lightning to Mwah, sorta like the lightning storm here in Seattle (last night) that delayed the Seahawks from crushing the 49ers on national TV for one hour Sunday...

As I'd been hoping for Juan Pablo Montoya's return to Indy Cars, albeit as a driver for Andretti Autosport, as I cannot see this move to thee 'Captain's (Roger Penske) team as  anything more than JPM's desire to poke a stick at his current longtime employer 'Cheep, aka Chip Ganassi... While Roger sees it as a quick solution to beating his nemesis in the near future.

As there's only two downsides to this, as one: NO reports on whether or not 'MAC's backside will be able to fit into the slimmer confines of an IndyCar; Hya! Since after all he's been 'MAC Montoya  ever since 'Ol 'Hobbo (David Hobbs) nicknamed him that over some reputed penchant for McDougal's golden arches...

Secondly, and far more serious is the realization that by hiring Montoya it takes away a  valuable seat for  a young Up 'N comer racing talent to graduate into IndyCar, especially now since the economy's Boomin', right? As surely Penske will need to reload his drivers in the near term future since Montoya's currently 37 and Helio Castroneves is 38...

Yet then again, perhaps this will be good news for Carlos 'Silk Munoz's prospects for landing some Columbian sponsorship in order to graduate to thee B-I-G CARZ with Andretti next year?

but still its definitely a welcome addition and should put eyeballs back upon Indy Cars - sort of like how 'Rubino (Rubens Barrichello) did in 2012, and may be it'll even pave the way for a new international Open wheel race somewhere? Although I can't say IndyCar's track record in this department has been overly successful!

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