Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Penske roasted

Thanks to My Name is IRL, I’ve just learned about the latest Racing Transporter to go up in smoke... As the Penske Racing hauler was burnt to the ground early Wednesday morning in Wyoming enroute to this weekend’s Sears Point road course event, as apparently the truck drivers didn’t have any cellular coverage and by the time somebody noticed the fireball, it was too late! “As the Team Penske drivers could do little more then unhook the semi while tryin’ to get ‘dem marshmallows golden brown... But, like Jeff says; Isn’t it ironic? As in isn’t one ‘O ‘dem Penske South Stock Cars sponsored by some cellular provider?

Yet recall that Wayne Taylor’s Suntrust Racing Grand American Sports Car transporter experienced the exact same thing earlier this season, while the team was helped largely by fellow competitor Chip Ganassi in order to compete in the following event. Hmm? Somehow I DON’T think The Cheepster’s gonna help out his foe, The Captain, eh?

You can read more in Robin Miller’s SPEED TV story; IndyCar Transporter Fire