Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Montreal gets soaked

Splish Splash, I was taking a bath...
Oh Rubber Duckie, you’re the one...

As yes, I’ve still got the remnants ‘O JET RAG FEVER! Must have, if I felt like doin’ absolutely nuttin’ and watchin’ le N-Car Lite race from Up North, eh? This past Saturday, as I tuned in Just-in-Time to see the Nationwide Boyzs getting’ ready to make RASSCAR history by runnin’ in the rain... HMM? Let’s see, it’s raining in Montreal and Sunny in Seattle on Seafair weekend, what gives?

Although I missed the beginning of this exciting race, apparently pole sitter Scott “Scooter” Pruett was heard over his radio saying that conditions were RIDICULOUS!

Thus I found it pretty impressive that the top five as the N-Car Lite Boyzs got ready to rumble was an eclectic mix of Road Racing (Can you say permanent Road Courses?) talent, with Pruett on point, followed by Marcus “The Tasmanian Devil” Ambrose, “MAD MAX” (Massimiliano) Papis, “Pat the Carpenter” (Patrick Carpentier) and “Jackie V.” (Jacques Villeneuve) This didn’t include RASSCAR interlopers Carl “Flipper” Edwards and “The Bifster,” a.k.a. Gregg Biffle, while Ron Fellows, Boris Said and Ron Hornaday lurked nearby...

Ambrose immediately passed Pruett in the rain and promptly pulled away from the entire field, several times, as every time he built up a lead, it was cut short by a yellow flag. Yet Ambrose steadily pulled away from second placed Papis until Massimiliano wrecked. Then Ambrose’s day effectively went up in smoke when he was penalized for entering and exiting the pit lane too fast, which had a speed limit of 30mph, as the Aussie would finish third.

Pruett’s fading hopes were dashed during a 40 second pit stop to clean the fogging windshield and replace his missing windshield wiper blade, while Marty Reid lobbied for Carl Edwards squeegee-fest during one of the numerous caution periods to be on ESPN’s highlight of the night segment.

Meanwhile, Ron Fellows, one of three drivers to pit early and race on an alternate strategy found himself 43 seconds ahead of the field, before another yellow flag was unfurled, as Fellows had earlier gone head to head with native son JV and it was amazing to hear the rain soaked “Kuh-nucks” vocally go crazy the further Villeneuve worked his way towards the front, as Jacques suddenly found himself in second place before punting a fellow competitor during the yellow flag period when he simply couldn’t see the car ahead of him, which was followed by Joey Lagano incurring a similar fate before RASSCAR Red Flagged the race, prior to what would become the final results, with Fellows taking the victory ahead of Carpentier, although multiple drones of Canadians had exited in mass after Villeneuve wrecked his racecar.

So it was pretty funny hearin’ Fellows levy for car owner Dale Earnhart Jr. to leave his seat in the Nationwide car for this week’s upcoming event at Watkins Glen during his interview Sunday night on Wind Tunnel...

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