Monday, August 25, 2008


Otay, it’s probably just me... As I spent way too much time watching car racing this weekend, yet once again those bleepin’ IDIOTS at The Deuce, a.k.a. ESPN2 have totally TORQUED ME OFF!!! As I made the mistake of choosing to watch the Indy Car race on the Telescreen instead of listening to it live via le internets...

Turning on the TV a tad early, oh SHEISA! There’s Woman’s golf on once again... Wonder if they’ll hit their balls into the sand traps? Or perhaps another mega hole, NO! You take the win playoff?

Fortunately the American Le Mans Series race was on SPEED at the same time, so my remote got quite a workout, trying to see if the ladies had managed to find the 18th hole yet? And then the announcer pissed me off by saying;’ “The Indy Car race from Sonoma is coming up next and you can catch the pre-race on ESPN Classic...” But who in the HELL has the FRILLIN’ El Classico station on their overpriced cable TV service? And thus I made a pact right then and there as we were now nearly 15 minutes past the published start time... I’m NOT watching anymore Indy Car races on TV the rest of this season! As interestingly, as I got the confuzer to warm-up in order to log onto the IMS Radio Network, at nearly 22 minutes past the command was just being given to start engines and thus I didn’t miss a beat of the Sears Point event...

And I’ve lived thru the pain of NOT having a cable channel that hosts motorsports action, as in NOT having SPEED for nearly two seasons... Before actually buying a freakin’ satellite system which is a whole nother story for some other time, eh?

Yet, I’m beginning to think that perhaps the Versus TV deal WON’T be such a bad thing after all next year and ESPN can continue slobbering all over RASSCAR and those other Stick ‘N Ball sports...

And oh yeah Jeff, I currently get Versus on my Comca$t cable service...


  1. But ladies golf is so hardcore!

  2. You know you probably have other options, such as a dish, to capture a broader racing menu on any given day. Put on your pair 'o' hat and fire up the ol' Direct TV!

  3. Whale actually I think my shades get in the way of the Hat being able to pickem-up a decent satellite reception... And what are you doin' watchin' Ladies Golf? Isn't it time for them Dawg's?