Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tomaso Files: Four legged Friends on thee brain...

Nice to be away from the gloom ‘N doom; Err countless gray skies, darkness and precipitation for the past ten days having traded in my mucklucks, raincoat, hat ‘N gloves for an early respite in shorts ‘N short sleeve T-Shirts - mostly with tags, fortunately! For thy benefit of wearing correctly; Hya! In thy Valley of the sun as Y’all know.

Thus a very good time was had indeed doing virtually nothing; most importantly giving my faltering eyeballs a nice rest from Zed ‘Confuzer and its ominous cathode ray glow! Whilst having literally gone to thee ‘Dawgs; ‘Woof Woof!

As Blogmeister Miguel’s Houseanda is also part ‘N parcel to Dog sitting Central as we were literally overrun by a pack of barking ‘Habenero’s; Hur-hur-hur! Err, those oh so cute ‘N friendly Havanese - if only they could do ‘somme-thun about their ear piercing insistent shrill ‘lil doggie barking; YIKES!

And speaking ‘O precious puppies, we did indeed record this year’s mighty Puppy Bowl IX just in order to check out ‘Dem Hedgehog Cheerleaders along with Hamster-cam provided by two Hamster blimp pilots and a parrot busily “tweeting” all game long - not to mention the oh so cuddly “CUTE CAM” and a bevy ‘O precious puppy dogs...

Thanxs solely to No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS, I learned upon my return that we’ll probably NO longer be treated to the ‘Wundernous ‘O Mrs. Dashley (Ashley Judd) skipping to her loo down pit lane at IMS in her clingy summer dress as apparently the Franchitti’s have decided to call it quits after 11-years of matrimony.

Thus I found it a ‘Wee Bit ironic that I’d been thinking of how The Brothers Franchitti reminded me of The Brothers Schumacher, albeit now Dario isn’t like the others whom all are married...

And not to be outdone was thee ‘Kimster, as reportedly Kimi has also put his marital bliss upon ice, (hey Y’all knew that was coming...) having decided to split with his wife of eight years, ex-Miss Scandinavia Jenni Dahlman; while I’ve been loathe to say anything ‘bout Jay “Pissenbootz” Penske’s impending marriage to Mrs. Melloncamp, nee Elaine Irwin.

Meanwhile, a somewhat quick perusal upon thee A-L-L knowing Blogosphere revealed that there’s finally some worthwhile movements occurring in the solidifying ‘O Silly Season with the biggest news surely being A.J. allmendinger’s impending IndyCar test for Penske Racing at Sebring, as the test is billed as an audition for a ride at Indy this year with Team Penske, which surely AJ will pass with flying colours and I personally look forward to seeing him at Indianapolis this May.

Most surprising to Mwah was James Jakes announcement to be ‘grahamcracker’s (Graham Rahal) teammate at Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing in surely what was money related move, can Y’all say Pay-driver? As I’d personally been hoping this was where Ryan Briscoe would land. Yet congrats to Jakes in what should be a move up from the Minnowesqe Dale Coyne Racing outfit, eh?

As I’m starting to worry about Briscoe’s future as I prematurely worry the affable Aussie may be forced to take up residence alongside Justin ‘BIG-UNIT Wilson at DCR? While I think his only other options are a long shot ride aboard ‘cheep Ganassi’s fourth car or better yet le ‘Hamburgular’s (Sebastain Bourdais) teammate at Dragon Racing with thy ‘Leggy Juan, nee Katherine Legge as the meat in the Dragon-flies sandwich?

And speaking ‘O FURR-Rocious four legged friends, had an entertaining discussion in Arizona about a book I’ve just gotta read, as Greg-the-Drummer who I call Greg Peart (NO relation to thee rhythm professor...) said he’d read a great book called The Art of Racing in the Rain when in Alaska last summer... Oh you mean the book that Dr. McDreamy, nee Patrick Dempsey has bought the rights too and intends to make into a movie one day, right? To which ‘Blogmeister Miguel has confirmed by finding a link to a trailer for the movie coming out in 2014.

With Dempsey’s links to the Pacific Northwest growing stronger continuously by having bought our faltering Tully’s coffee out of bankruptcy over rival Starbucks offer - intending to keep it alive instead of converting into more “Star-bleeps!” Not to mention his previously racing with Team Seattle to raise funds for Seattle’s Childrens Hospital...

Thus, I guess I know what my next two movies will be upon the big screen, as I eagerly await Ronnie Howard’s RUSH sometime this year; Oh Crap! I forgot about that ‘LUV-able ‘S-CAR GO! Turbo; Hya! So that’s actually three racing related movies on the docket...  

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  1. Shame on Penske for ditchin' Legge like that. Does he have a problem respecting women or something like that?

    As for the former missus Melloncamp, she obviously likes her guys rich, so she can shop till she drops. She dont care if he cheats on her, gets drunk yet again or is rude to other women, jus as long as she can use his creditcard. Shame there's still women like that out there.