Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jay Penske sends Katherine Legge the ultimate Valentines gift!

I must say that I was genuinely surprised by the announcement that Dragon Racing’s second seat, the No. 6 entry widely tipped to belong to Katherine Legge was instead being occupied by ‘S-Squared, aka Sebastian Saavedra this season instead when announced upon Tuesday. Being the very same day I’d mused to Lisa how refreshing it was not having any current Villains in motor racing at the moment, a byproduct of the excruciatingly long off season and how I’d hoped to enjoy the upcoming season without any but highly doubted that would happen. And then viola; SHUHZAMM! Enter my hero Jay ‘Pissinbootz Penske; Tuh Duh!

This action to replace Legge was taken by Penske “Jnr,” who apparently enjoys the shadyness of Hollywood and TrueCar’s CEO Scott Painter, who allegedly perceive Saavedra to be a better candidate then Thy ‘Leggy Juan this year and naturally Katherine Legge has every right to be royally pissed about her unceremonious sacking!

 “In a terse statement, Legge said she had a two-year contract with Dragon and the team stole sponsor TrueCar for Saavedra.”
"I firmly believe that Dragon Racing and TrueCar cannot proceed without me and I will be taking legal action to protect my rights," Legge said.”

As last year’s trials ‘N tribulations of the Dragon Racing teams sophomore season have already been well documented - with the abortive effort of utilizing ‘Luddi-lumps to start the year before suing Lotus to dump the woefully inadequate “Powered by Lotus” engines in favour of the Bowtie, albeit only securing a single engine supply after Indianapolis where the team was granted two Chevy’s and Legge made her Indy 500 debut successfully, finishing 22nd after passing her Rookie Orientation at the last moment.

"It was a very difficult season last year, we did very little testing and I was made to sit out of some of the races," said Legge, who also alleged her quest for sponsorship was hurt by Penske's arrest in August for allegedly breaking into the Nantucket Yacht Club and later urinating on the boots of a woman who confronted him in the parking lot.
"Jay Penske's actions in Nantucket really hurt my ability to find additional and personal sponsors, and it was highly embarrassing, especially with the message that we were trying to portray regarding the empowerment of women in motorsport,"

Legge also asserted that Jay Penske had promised Painter to bring Penske Auto Groups onboard as additional sponsors to her No. 6 TrueCar entry after she brought Truecar to Dragon, but this never materialized.

Legge finished off with some sharp British wit by claiming;
"I can tell you that I feel like I have been treated very unfairly in all of this and the last thing I feel at the moment is `Empowered!'"

Hmm? Somehow I doubt that Legge and Jay’s new squeeze Mrs. Melloncamp will be spending time trading hairstyle & makeup tips anytime soon, eh?

(Quotes taken from AP’s Jenna Fryer story Legge threatens Legal Action against Dragon Racing. Source: