Friday, August 17, 2012

Penske Sons simply Not Cut from the Same Cloth as the Captain

Still having a hard time believing this is true; BUTT! Or was either Mark or Jay Penske, sons of the reputed “Legendous” ‘RASSCAR Team Owner Roger Penske - just one more example of how Mainstream Americana thinks there’s only ONE form of motor racing in the good ‘Ol US of A; ‘YUK! Groping for some females rear anatomy? Really Jay Penske; WTF??? You pissed yourself all over some woman’s boots? Oh where’s Nancy Sinatra whenz Yuhs needs her - as in “These Boots are made for Walking... And They’re gonna walk ALL over you!”

As I seriously thought this was some sorta joke - having been outta duh country and on a perpetual news blackout... Yeah, they do indeed get news piped into the frigid white tundra ‘O ‘KanaDuh; BUTT! I went Up North eh! To get away from ALL of the silliness that passes for news these days...

Thus, I’m only left ponderin’ two questione’s;
One: how does TrueCar feel about being the primary sponsor for a team with such a STUPID Owner? As surely this doesn’t fit in nicely with their brand appeal, eh?

Two: Wonder how Thy Leggy ‘Juan, aka Katherine Legge feels about driving for a team owner with such apparent disregard towards women...

And Three; Otay, I think there’s probably more, but; just wunderin’ how Jay’s ‘Squeeze Elaine Irwin feels about her boyfriend’s antics? As I mean talk ‘bout getting publicity for your racing team... Not to mention mussin’ up her Gucci loafers... As I hope she DROPS him like a hot potato! Hmm? Can only wonder what Thee Captain thinks about his sons latest escapades, eh?

And I for ‘Juan fined this EMBARASSING for IndyCar... As I’m sure Jay’s not the first racing team owner to do ‘Somme-thun STUPID; BUTT! As much as I DON’T like John Barnes of Panther Racing - it makes you wonder how a guy can get fined 25-grand for speakin’ his mind about the league’s “Turbogate” whilst nary a peep about the despicable behaviour of Jay Penske. Not to mention fellow Penske Racing drivers Will Power getting fined 50-large for rightfully giving BillyBob Brazenheartz a double byrd salute and ‘HULIO being fined $30k for calling him a CLOWN on TWIT-ER... Uhm, helloe; can you say double standard Indy Cars!