Friday, August 17, 2012

Penske Sons simply Not Cut from the Same Cloth as the Captain

Still having a hard time believing this is true; BUTT! Or was either Mark or Jay Penske, sons of the reputed “Legendous” ‘RASSCAR Team Owner Roger Penske - just one more example of how Mainstream Americana thinks there’s only ONE form of motor racing in the good ‘Ol US of A; ‘YUK! Groping for some females rear anatomy? Really Jay Penske; WTF??? You pissed yourself all over some woman’s boots? Oh where’s Nancy Sinatra whenz Yuhs needs her - as in “These Boots are made for Walking... And They’re gonna walk ALL over you!”

As I seriously thought this was some sorta joke - having been outta duh country and on a perpetual news blackout... Yeah, they do indeed get news piped into the frigid white tundra ‘O ‘KanaDuh; BUTT! I went Up North eh! To get away from ALL of the silliness that passes for news these days...

Thus, I’m only left ponderin’ two questione’s;
One: how does TrueCar feel about being the primary sponsor for a team with such a STUPID Owner? As surely this doesn’t fit in nicely with their brand appeal, eh?

Two: Wonder how Thy Leggy ‘Juan, aka Katherine Legge feels about driving for a team owner with such apparent disregard towards women...

And Three; Otay, I think there’s probably more, but; just wunderin’ how Jay’s ‘Squeeze Elaine Irwin feels about her boyfriend’s antics? As I mean talk ‘bout getting publicity for your racing team... Not to mention mussin’ up her Gucci loafers... As I hope she DROPS him like a hot potato! Hmm? Can only wonder what Thee Captain thinks about his sons latest escapades, eh?

And I for ‘Juan fined this EMBARASSING for IndyCar... As I’m sure Jay’s not the first racing team owner to do ‘Somme-thun STUPID; BUTT! As much as I DON’T like John Barnes of Panther Racing - it makes you wonder how a guy can get fined 25-grand for speakin’ his mind about the league’s “Turbogate” whilst nary a peep about the despicable behaviour of Jay Penske. Not to mention fellow Penske Racing drivers Will Power getting fined 50-large for rightfully giving BillyBob Brazenheartz a double byrd salute and ‘HULIO being fined $30k for calling him a CLOWN on TWIT-ER... Uhm, helloe; can you say double standard Indy Cars!


  1. you're a clown for writing this--you should get some facts before you slander people. I've worked for Jay Penske, and you've got it all wrong. And sadly, I used to love this site, but no-fenders is no fun.

    1. He got it all right! Penske F^up. I hope Elaine Irwin dumps him. This kid is a bad example for her sons. Plus it sounds like Penske is a racist?! I dont care if he was drunk, but remarks like 'you're not white enough' are pathetic and sad.
      He is an adult and should no better than to have booze nights with his even older brother. What a losers they are.

  2. YOUCH!

    First ‘N Foremost, I’ve been a fan & supporter of Jay Penske since the advent of Luczo-Dragon Racing’s debut with Ryan Briscoe at Indy in 2007 and even previously mentioned potentially purchasing some Dragon Racing ‘Swag earlier this year.

    I do NOT EVER intentionally try/or slander people - I simply scribble my own personal opinions upon whatever seems relevant to the racing world I so adore. And I ALWAYS check multiple sources before letting my comments rip! As the arrests of Jay & Mark Penske was even published in the overly “Pro” Indianapolis Star newspaper Aug 9th, written by longtime IndyCar reporter Curt Cavin - therefore it must be TRUE! As ‘Ol Curty doesn’t let a story go to the presses until way after it’s happened and he’s checked it triple-times...

    Yet I’ll admit that I didn’t actually read the original story first breaking the news in the Nantucket Enquirer and Mirror - as I noted how I was out of town when this event occurred, which you are welcome to check out in the Original Article:

    Thus, I feel pretty sure that Jay and Mark Penske are truly the CLOWNS in the story I’ve written and NOT me - as I was simply trying to point out that IndyCar Team Owners should hold themselves in higher regards and not be caught urinating in public!

    Thank you for reading my No Fenders blog and I hope you’ll change your mind and continue reading it.

    Also if you’d like to provide any further insights towards this matter, please feel free to email me at