Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are Red Bull really the Bad Guys in F1?

Suppose its just Mwah; BUTT! I got a little fed up over the past two weekend’s attempts to wind-up much over maligned hysteria over Red Bull Racing’s contrived controversies, a la “Torque-gate” and “Adjustigate;” YAWN! As I even spent the past weekend telling Mary Ellen how I tend to overlook the fact that SPEED is owned by FOX - uze know thee “Fair ‘N Balanced” News Network, right?

As I became fairly bored with “Willie Buxom’s” improvisational skills in manufactured ‘Hype... As after all, as it was pointed out - it is the duty of EVERY F1 Constructor on the grid to discover and EXPLOIT ANY perceived loophole in the FIA regulations governing the sport of Formula 1...

As look NO further than 2009 when Ross Brawn, along with Toyota and Team Willie shunned the “Spirit” of the regulations and successfully competed with their egregious “Double Diffusers...” Which ultimately the remainder of the F1 grid was required to redesign their Grand Prix challengers in attempts of catching BRAWN GP which ultimately saw ‘JENSE (Jenson Button) crowned the Drivers World Champion and BRAWN GP the Constructors champion that season...

I can also quickly think of Renault’s “J-Damper” episode and Ferrari’s “Flexi-gate” as just two more examples of the various teams attempting to circumnavigate the regulations in search for that most sought after “Unfair Advantage,” not to mention last year’s blown diffuser roe... Hell, some have even gone so far as to actually been caught cheating, as recall BAR-Honda’s infamous trick fuel tanks? Y’all remember when the team was excluded from the 2005 San Marino GP and further banned from the following two races for using fuel as ballast...

Thus, I tend to believe that the extra scrutiny towards this season is simply a result of Master ‘Zebb’s (Vettel) utter obliteration of last year’s season en route to 11-wins and a record 15-pole positions. As surely the powers-to-be are much happier when there’s a Prancing Horse at the top of the leader board, right?

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