Friday, August 3, 2012

Korea vs. Italy - Match comes to Draw with Ferrari 250 GTO the worse for the wear...

And on the left side of the road in black pajamas, having seating for five with multiple “Babies-on-Board” and weighing in at 3,500lbs - is the Hyundai “Soul” Minivan.

While on the other left side of the road, in a red blazer and slacks, nearing middle age upon just having celebrated its 50th birthday whilst copious amounts ‘O revs burbles mightily from its rosso cylinder heads comes a fairly precious Ferrari 250 GTO!

As apparently this pair ‘O figure skaters; Oh Wait, scratch that, it’s duh Summer Olympics isn’t it; Hya!

As it AIN’T every day that you read about a prestigious 250 GTO being involved in a motorway crash, eh?