Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Racers resurface with push for Natural Gas...

Surely there’s a sayin’ for OLD Racers Never Die, right? As Gordon Kirby expounds upon the return of U.E. Pat Patrick and Jim McGee, as Patrick Racing has been tapped to lead the charge for Natural Gas liquefaction in the American Le Mans Series LMP Challenge class for next year.

And while I’m all for diversification in motive power technologies - isn’t it funny how nothing about “Fracking” is mentioned in the article; Y’all know when the corresponding drinking water is contaminated by this process of extracting natural gas from underground - as surely Mr. Patrick, who just so happens to have diversified from his Oil business into the realm of natural gas is aware of, right?

And if you’re not convinced about the hazards of Fracking, just ask the residents of Colorado how their drinking water is?