Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slaying the Dragon?

So the Katherine Legge v Dragon Racing saga is getting worse ‘N worse, with battle lines definitely being drawn - as now comes word of le ‘Hamburgular, nee Sebastain Bourdais’s forked tongue... Reportedly claiming to ESPN.com that Thy ‘Leggy Juan had tested in December and was simply “WEAK” and hence this led to her dismissal, while now ‘SeaBass claims he was talking instead about an Open test Legge participated in prior to the season ending race at Fontana.

Now I’m aware that people can be misquoted, or have something lost in translation, but; WTF? Why is bourdais even involving himself in this tiff? Or is he simply trying to find favour with Jay ‘Pissinbootz Penske and Scott Painter by throwing Legge under the bus?

And I’ve known for years there’s NO such thing as an iron clad contract in motor racing, especially at the sport’s pinnacle, which most likely is why Formula 1 has the Contract Recognition Board office in Switzerland to interpret such Machiavellian maneuverings by devious team owners or renegade drivers, which perhaps IndyCar needs to follow suit?

Unfortunately Legge isn’t the first driver to toil privately to bring a sponsor to the sport and then see all of their hard work rewarded by a swift boot up the backside as said sponsor decides to go in a “new direction...” Case in point I believe would be Jay ‘Funnyman Howard’s association with Service Central, when Jay claimed he’d worked a year-plus to bring them to Indy Cars and poof! We all remember how they left Jay and Sarah Fisher to go along with Graham Rahal to thee ‘Cheepster’s B-team, aka G2 in Brownsburg as primary sponsor of the now possibly defunct No. 38 Service Central Chip Ganassi Racing car - which I ARSE-sume followed the young Rahal to his new ride?

And I have to say I agree with the OLDEST IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips about how Sebastian Saavedra is a “Punk” (my words) for his unceremonious ditching of Bryan Herta Autosports Indy Lights team; and now with Bourdais jumping on the Bandwagon, it truly appears Penske Jnr. Has truly surrounded himself with his favourite type ‘O drivers...

Yeah, I’ve never met Jay Penske, and now certainly have NO intentions of trying to do so... As its funny to Mwah how just one year ago I’d been pining for acquiring a Dragon Racing cap, which I’m thankful I never pursued!

And I realize a two-minute meeting in an autograph line at a Portland Champ Car autograph session (some six-plus years ago) is no way to truly judge drivers; BUTT! Katherine Legge was polite, friendly, engaging and totally willing to sign my Molson Indy poster where as Bourdais simply gave me the silent treatment and gave me  a STUPID McDougal’s hero card instead - even though I  was brandishing said poster in front of him! All of which I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout - and you’d think the drivers would have more interaction with a blind person wielding a white cane, eh?

Thus while I hate to see a driver throwing the words legal action about, and hope it doesn’t spell the end of her stillborn Open Wheel Racing career, I sincerely hope Katherine takes Jay, Scott and TrueCar to the cleaners!

While Legge, like many of the females who’ve tried plying their trade in Indy Cars has really never had a golden chance, aka  a top flight ride like Queen Danica at Mikey’s team; URGH! Or even better yet those dreaded red and white cars. Granted, Legge’s debut B-I-G ‘CARZ rookie season was with PKV Racing in 2006, yet I’m not sure they were ever a contender? Having only won one race up to that point with ‘Shorty, nee Cristiano da Matta... (Portland, 2005)

Legge was then thrusted sideways to the Minnowesqe Dale Coyne Racing team to make way for two Red Bull satchel carrying ‘Boyz for her sophomore season, where at least she didn’t stuff two chassis in a single weekend like Oriel “Suitcase” Servia did, With her Champ Car highlight reel X-Games summersault at Road America being her most talked about accomplishment, instead of her brace of sixth place finishes.

Thus, I’d find it really refreshing if Chip Ganassi had the Kuhoonas to hire Katherine Legge for the No. 38 car currently in limbo, I mean C’mon Target; surely you could find the scratch to make this happen, right? Hell, may be even cleverly tie it in with some female brand you currently sell?

And I know its nothing new but, its pretty disappointing to think that Indy Cars is totally reliant upon whose got the biggest suitcase ‘O Dinero backing his/her ride these days, but! This doesn’t surprise me one iota after soldiering on thru the as thee World ‘O Chump Carz Turns who’s gotz duh biggest cheque Soapbox era ‘til the bitter end of its death nail...

Thus, I’m trying mightily to not get all wound up over who’s the bad guy or girl this season, and even stooped so low to watch that made-for-television thingy now called the Sprint Unlimited last Saturday Nite and was immediately turned off by ‘Ol DW screaming Boogity-Boogity-Boogity! And following it up by saying these are the BEST drivers in the world! Really; Whiskey-Tango Foxtrot??? Danica with her one IndyCar win vs. Legge tripling that in Atlantics and eight-time ICS winner Ryan Briscoe apparently out of a fulltime ride in Indy Cars this year; WTF? Oh Never Mind! As so much for what I just heard Ringo Star croon on Breakfast with The Beatles: “All I gotta do is act Naturally...” NOT!