Monday, September 28, 2015

IndyCar Spinning its Wheels...

Ah, is I-T just Mwah? Nah, as at least Kenny Sargent is willing to rightfully call out IndyCar on his weekly radio show Speed Freaks, albeit 'Wayback now on August 30th, Y'all know when we were still Ah-grip over Scott Dixon's stunning championship upset over Juan Pablo Montoya!

As it's funny how IndyCar and its affiliates were busy pumpin' up their veritable TV ratings, which have had staggering up swell, with Kevin Lee even going so far as to attribute I-T to "Peacock-lite's" assimilation of 'RASSCAR; YIKES!

But as the Sarge' said, nice job IndyCar, only seven FREAKIN' months 'til Yuhs go racing again! I mean talk 'bout momentum killer, eh? Hmm? What's that? Can't Y'all hear the muted tones of some Indy Cars languidly rollin' around Road America right now; Oh Never Mind!

As I'll B-I-T-E! Err Play Along with Curty' Cavin's theme below, albeit leaving the obvious 'Juan's to Curt; Hya!

HIGH: Majority of On-track Racing
LOW: Mark Miles Heavy Handedness

HIGH: Series actually going racing
LOW: Another STUPENDOUS 7mos Off-season!

HIGH: Attending this year's Indy 500
LOW: Engines going SILENT before Labour Day...