Tuesday, March 23, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Three Squads that begin with the letter A!

But which of these three F1 Teams will come out on top? And which one Doesn’t look like the Other?


Aston Martin

Aston Martin Cognizan F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 4th, 195 Points)

Chassis:  AMR21

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#5 Sebastian Vettel, Germany

#18 Lance Stroll, Canada


What can I say about the rebranded Racing Point operation that possibly had the glitziest F1 Car launch? Like I mean some Super Duper Bowl NFL Stud named tom Brady was Thar, presumably only Outshone by Daniel Craig, Err 007’s James Bond!


As the newly coifed Aston Martin F1 concern will proudly don British Racing Green for it’s paint scheme and continue the refinement of it’s Mercedes look-alike chassi forlornly known as the “Pink Mercedes,” albeit sporting the aforementioned green paint scheme.


As the refined RP20 chassis now hevily leans upon last year’s Mercedes W11 design, most notably it’s rear flanks which incorporates the Mercedes W11 rear suspension bits and whatever else of last year’s Homologated components where allowable.


As like Aston Martin, the other three customer teams Alfa Romeo, Haas and Scuderia AlphaTauri are all allowed to utilize said FIA Homologated parts this season from their respective Big Brother entities before 2022 chassis Rules come into effect nullifying this practice.


But the AMR21 also has it’s own design elements since not every bit of the world Beater Mercedes W11 is allowable, as Aston Martin and I’d Arse-sume’ the others to some extent will have to come up with it’s own solution for the new floor, rear diffuser, etc.


And as we already know, on the Driver front, the much maligned ‘lil Syd Viddle, aka Sebastian Vettel has swaped his  rosso overalls for a green Firesuit this season, in hopes of somewhat resurrecting his F1 career, which went terribly Pear-shaped at la Scuderia last year.


But like I’ve heard countless times before, Y’all Don’t think Vettel’s forgotten how to Drive, Eh? Since once a Four-times F1 World Champion, Always a Four-times World Champion! And can Lance Stroll outperform his new team-mate? Although I’ve got zero Clue if the team can lift itself further up the grid this season?



Alpine F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 5th, 181 Points)

Chassis:  A521

Engine: Renault

#14 Fernando Alonso, Spain

#31 Esteban Ocon, France


As the only true Werks’ effort of this trio, you’d have expected le Reggie’, Err Renault to have come out on top. Yet for 2021, Renault has rebranded itself as Alpine, in marketing parlance to it’s Sports Car brand, albeit it’s still exactly the same outfit long based at Enstone, albeit under somewhat new management. As I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout Cyril Abiteboul being replaced by Davide Brivio as Team Principal.


Like everyone else, the chassis has been updated from last year’s RS20 and notably sports a new livery of red, white and blue in honour of the French Flag and it’s new brand.


Yet I’d say the biggest news is the arrival of Fredrico Suave, aka Fernando Alonso and is surgically repaired Jaw! As the Double F1 World Champion will contest the entire season with two titanium plates affixed to his upper Jaw before having them removed at season’s end.


As it’ll be interesting to see if Esteban Ocon can push his new team-mate? Although I’m pretty sure that DannyRic’, nee Daniel Ricciardo had the upper hand against Ocon last year.



Scuderia AlphaTauri-Honda

 (2020 Rank: 7th, 107 Points)

Chassis:  AT02

Engine: Honda

#10 Pierre Gasley, France

#22 (R) Yuki Tsunoda, Japan

(R = Rookie)


Like the newly minted “Green Mercedes” above, Toro Rosso, Uhm AlphaTauri will be able to benefit from last year’s race winning Red Bull RB16 chassis bits.


As much Noise has been made about Japanese F1 Rookie Yuki Tsunoda winding up P2 on the Time Sheets of Bahrain’s final day of testing. Although I’ve since read about Lando Norris tongue in cheek Quip about the young Japanese charger opening up his DRS before reaching the DRS zone to possibly aid in Tsunoda’s super quick lap time? Which I believe was set upon Pirelli’s C5 tyre compound, the softest of the range.


And although the Hondre’ runners as Leigh Diffey would say look strong, this was the obligatory F1 “Winter Olympics” and we’ll not really know until the season opening Bahrain Grand Prix.


Tsunoda finished third overall in last year’s Formula 2 Championship for Carlin, taking three wins, four Poles and seven podiums en route to series top rookie finisher. With the 20yr old Japanese driver replacing Rooskie’ Daniil Kvyat, who’s become Alpine’s Reserve Driver this season. Whilst I’m guessing Pierre Gasley will be hard pressed to win his second Grand Prix victory this season…