Monday, March 1, 2021

2021 Daytona Speed Weeks Postscript

As I must have been really Desperate if I’m still Scribbling ‘bout RASSCAR’ how many weeks later, Righto?


Following a full Day’s outing following that Day-Toner’ 500 race, the following weekend I decided to continue Thy Madness and Tune into my first Busch, Err Xfinity cup Lite race in a long, long time.


Since the last one I can recall was when thou Kuhnucks’ TAG’, aka Alex Tagliani and Pat “Thee Carpenter” Carpentier were Bangin’ Wheels Hammers ‘N Tongs Up North Eh! At Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Il Notre Dam…



Those Minor League Boyz’

So I really wasn’t planning on watching, Err listening to as I said before, my first Cup Lite race in who knows how long, but I guess it’s partly being due to Starvin’ for some Racing action Me Thinks! Since it’s only been 289 Gory days since our last IndyCar race at St Pete!


And I knew that ‘Ol Walldinger’, aka A.J. Allmendinger was in the race and he’s always a threat on a Road Course! After all having come from Open Wheel Racing and winning five Chump Carz’, Uhm I meant Champ Car races Wayback in ’06 as ‘Ol Sugar Ray Tracy’s team-mate at Forsythe Racing. And that’s indeed “Mr. Chrome Horn” Paul Tracy in case you’re wondering…


And it’s been a super long time since I’ve heard ‘Ol “Double A’s,” aka Adam Alexander’s chops when calling a race. As he was joined by Joey “Sliced Bread” Logano and this year’s Daytona 500 winning Front Row Motorsports No. 34  Crew Chief Drew Blickensderfer in the Booth.


As it was nice hearing them give a Shout Out to Andy “the Enforcer” Lally of Sports Car fame, who I didn’t even know was in the race. And at age 46 was making a cameo appearance for B.J. McCloud’s race team aboard it’s #99 Chevrolet Camaro entry, in what apparently was a last minute Dealio’. Since Lally was originally supposed to be driving somebody else’s car. Perhaps the #03?


As Lally hauled the #99 up to an Uber impressive fifth place, which Adam Alexander took great pains to point out was due to his prodigious Road Racing background, along with Guffhawing over getting Lally’s place ‘O residence and region he grew up in incorrectly, Hya!


Although Don’t know what ultimately happened to Lally, since they never talked ‘bout him again, and’s (Box Score) results says he finished P31, 55-laps, as the first Driver listed One-lap down. And Nah, No where are Yuhs Jeffie’ of One Lap Down (OLD) Fame Jokes here.


Nor any Airplane “Shirley” Jokes here, as surely Y’all know that Allmendinger and Austin Cindric collided coming to the stripe for Stage-1, looking like the fastest two cars Ontrack with A.J. getting the worse of it! Whilst Blicensderfer wryly noted “What Aerodynamics?” Later in the broadcast when Cindric eventually made his way up to the lead with a missing right front fender.


As I began wonderin’ when Thee Talking Heads noted it was El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske’s 84th Birthday that Cindric would be victorious? Although I found myself rootin’ against him after he tangled  with Allmendinger.


But it was Ty Gibbs, Granson of “Coach” Joe Gibbs who won the race, winning on Debut in a NASCAR series race, becoming only the sixth Me Thinks? Driver to do so. The last having been Kurth Busch Wayback in 2006.


In For a Pound, In for a penny, or However that Goes…

If it had been another of RASSCAR’s countless Ovals, I’d never have tuned in, but since it was another Drab, Dreary Rainy weekend on thou Oregon Coast, why not watch Dem’ Taxicab Bombers on Day-Toners’ slightly revamped 3.61 mile 14 turn road course, Eh?

 Having added Rumble Strips at Ye Bus Stop Chicane in order to keep Dirt ‘N Grass off the track when shortening those corners.


And I knew that A.J. Allmendinger was making a “One-off” for the Kaulig Racing team in their #16 Chevrolet Camaro, a team I’d never heard of before this year’s Daytona action. Whilst thought I heard Mike Joy say they have an alliance with RCR. (Richard Childress Racing)


And A.J. actually led the race briefly, towards the end of Stage-2 Me Thinks, when they elected to stay out for “Track Position,” i.e.; media attention for leading when the leaders elected to pit for tyres ‘N fuel.


Allmendinger then got penalized for entering Pit-lane too fast and had to go to the back of the line, but soldiered his way back towards the pointy end and finished seventh, one place ahead of this year’s Daytona 500 Winner Michael McDowell. As the team had said they were simply hoping for a Top-10 finish, so Mission Accomplished!


As Can Y’all tell I’m a fan of Allnendinger’s? As I’ve liked him ever since he and the late Justin B-I-G UNIT’ Wilson won the 2012 Rolex 24, where Wilson wryly called him A.J. “Hash-tag Big Shot!” Allmendinger, Hya! But A.J. seems like he’s really blossomed as an Announcer the past few years when not busy driving Sports Cars…


Also heard Aussie James Davison’s named called for running second briefly in another of the many caution periods when also electing to stay out when the leading pack pitted. Arse-sumedly’ Davison was running for IndyCar’s newest team owner Rick Ware who’s joined forces with Dale Coyne Racing, in Coyne’s never ending stretching of the Alphabet for team monikers.


As Davison drove the #15 Rick Ware Racing Camaro to a 23rd place finish, 1-lap down. And reportedly has leaked the News that he’ll return for his seventh Indianapolis 500 this May also driving for Rick Ware & Company, a la Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing, albeit the team claims it won’t be aboard their No. 51 entry, Huh?


As we know that the primary #51 Driver, IndyCar rookie Romain Grosjean won’t be driving any of the Super Speedway Ovals, i.e.; Texas or Indianapolis, but there will reportedly be two DCRWRCR Oomph! Entries at Mother Speedway, Nos. 51-52…


Meanwhile, since El Capitano had just celebrated his birthday, I began thinking it would be poetic if Joey Logano won aboard his Team Penske mount somewhere’s during the end of Stage-1.


And Logano almost pulled off the feat, albeit runnin’ outta Rubber’ just over one lap shy of the Chequered Flag. Which saw Christopher Bell score his Debut Cup victory aboard another Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) entry, which gave Toyota a Clean Sweep of the weekend’s three NASCAR races.


And Bell’s victory coupled with McDowell’s became only the third time in history for two Debutante Winners in the series opening two races, not having occurred since the 1949-50 season!